Demo Update and News!

Hey all! It’s been a while! — I mean, I’m constantly letting people know what I’m working on every single day via Twitter and Discord but I suppose it’s been almost half a year for an offical update! Oops!

In my defense I really dislike doing these because it typically takes an entire day and a lot of energy which is time I could be working on the game! But I do understand these are important for people that don’t follow the development on Twitter and Discord. I’ll try to be more conscious about that.

In any case, if you aren’t following on Twitter and Discord and you’re interested in the game. You should get on those. We can also speak directly there! For those who are following you might get some nuggets of information here and there that I haven’t mentioned on Discord yet (mostly the newest things I’ve been thinking of and the next step etc).

Anyway, before getting into it, I want to thank all my newest patrons ^_^
Let’s say hello to….
Valerio P.
Bridget L.
Sang L.
Kyle B.
and Jason K.

Thank you all so much for all your extremely generous donations. My family and I super appreciate your support of the game and you’re encouragement for the vision I have for it.

I am still planning to do a Legacy Donator perk for those who’ve stuck with the game through the lull of the new engine development too, so don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten. I’ll remind you all more of that when the demo is ready. Mostly because I have to redesign the website…change things around and then do the same for Patreon because some of the information is outdated @_@

Now then! Onward to the news.

For those who haven’t been keeping up on Twitter and Discord (hint, hint, nudge nudge), I have been working on a demo for the last month (all of April). I say demo but it’s basically the first release of the game, haha. But yeah, I wanted to finish it in a month but… that proved to be a monumental task that drained me of what little sanity I had left. There’s a reason for this too.

I actually have a lot of key important factors done FOR the demo right now but it’s missing a lot of stuff I WANT in there and since I refuse to compromise any part of my vision for the game, it’s taking a little longer than I can physically do in a month.

I’m hoping by mid-May or the end of May to have something playable ready. If not playable, then I’ll try to make a video or something that takes everyone through the game so you can physically see what it looks like and how it plays etc. But the aim is for a playable demo.

I just finished 55-56ish rooms with full descriptions that have mini-events upon entering. Here are some of those (but all of them are listed on Discord if you want to check out more of them).

Closed: Night, Late Night.
Closed: 15% Chance Closed for the day.
Afternoon: 25% Closed for Lunch
Winter Season: 15% hard to get inside.
Snowstorm: 40% chance unable to get inside.
Evening Sale: 10% chance 15% chance that you can’t get inside due to the crowds.

Closed: Late Night
5% Chance Closed for the Day
15% Chance unable to enter because of slipping.
35% Chance unable to get inside due to crowds during the Morning and Afternoon.

Closed: Dawn, Night, Late Night.
No Chance of Slipping.
Spring, Summer, Fall- 75% Chance to be Crowded.
25% Chance – 40 People- 2 hour wait
25% Chance – 30 People- 1 minute wait.
25% Chance – 25 People- 45 minute wait.
25% Chance – 15 People- 35 minute wait.
Else: No Wait.
Winter- No Chance of Being Crowded Storms No Wait Times.
5% Chance for Maids to be 15% Off

These essentially mean that all the stores have their own schedules, sales and crowded times which make them harder to get into. All of this is already programmed in the game and ready to go. Fully completed for all 55 rooms so far.

As you can see, descriptions for the rooms also change based on WEATHER and current SEASON — which also affects how you enter some shops. Like, for example the BROWN POTION COFFEE STAND is not open during the WINTER.

Here is an example of how descriptions change from SUMMER and WINTER for ARTEMIS’ HAIR SALON (these are taken straight from Discord and I’m not sure I updated it after I went through the game and double-checked spelling and flow etc)
‘Artemis’ Hair Salon’ stands proud at the corner of Desiree Avenue and Harper Street but the construction is nothing special in terms of appearance, in fact, the entire business could use an expensive renovation makeover; there are splintered boards, crumbled clay embellishments and cracked brick throughout the foundation left over from the winter snow (especially along the left side that faces the alley). In any case, the outside of the small corner salon provides a very generous view of it’s inner workings via two large display windows that line the storefront. Beneath them are plain rectangular bulkheads that were once painted white or possibly off-white but have long since faded against the elements. Between these giant windows is a non-descript wooden front door with rusted iron-latches and a matching bulkhead. Above it, the decorative cornice belt is carved with fancy lettering that reads ‘ARTEMIS’ for all to see, however its paint, like the rest of the shop’s motif, has many worn edges and is missing chips throughout. In addition to all this, the second floor has three double-hung windows and a final decorative cornice belt hanging high above them that spans the entire upper perimeter of the roof, effectively separating it from the rest of the structure. Perhaps it is a living space?

‘Artemis’ Hair Salon’ stands proud at the snowy corner of Desiree Avenue and Harper Street but the construction is nothing special in terms of appearance, except for a couple of abnormally tall snowdrifts gathered here and there. The truth of the matter is, the entire business could use an expensive renovation makeover; there are splintered boards covered in ice, crumbled clay embellishments and cracked brick throughout the foundation (especially along the left side that faces the alley) where frost has generously gathered. In any case, normally the outside of the small corner salon provides a very generous view of it’s inner workings via two large display windows that line the storefront, but because they are currently frozen over it’s very difficult to see inside. Between these giant windows is a non-descript icy wooden front door with rusted iron-latches and a matching bulkhead each adorned with dangerous tendrils of ice. Above it, the decorative cornice belt is carved with fancy lettering that reads ‘ARTEMIS’ for all to see. Although, it’s paint, like the rest of the shop’s motif, has many worn edges and missing chips throughout, not to mention the snow is further covering the lettering making it even more challenging to read. In addition, the second floor has three double-hung windows and a final decorative cornice belt hanging high above them that spans the entire upper perimeter of the roof, effectively separating it from the rest of the structure. Currently, the walkways are somewhat cleared of snow though still dangerous to traverse.

^ so there’s that. I also have 10 questions ready for the Character Creator (I want to add a few more this month if I have time) and I’m currently working on how I want NPCs to operate. I think I’ll have two different kinds. The important ones that you find in buildings or in specific places around town that help with reputation and the second group are ones that you meet randomly on the street. I already came up with a code that will cycle through NPCs if they are alive etc. These are the ones you can infect with the bimbo virus, vampirism, lycanthropy and so on. They are outside of events ^_^

I also have…20 to 30 functions programmed in. I mentioned some of these before….
(things that affect sex scenes and certain events)

Element Innate

(status effects you can get)

PregnancySpeed 1
PregnancySpeed 2
PregnancySpeed 3

Fertilized System
Ovulation System

Swollen Breasts
Swollen Nipples


(things that affect combat)

(things that can be changed throughout the game)
Hair Color

(survival aspects for people who want a more challenging survival game)
Temperature Effects

and since this I added in some major afflictions…


and various other functions that affect each of these, so that each affliction feels and plays differently. If you want details on any of them, just ask! 😀

THINGS REMOVED*******************************
Now, it’s inevitable that some things have been removed or changed from Apocamorphosis. This is because I either thought they were outdated, too up way too much time to continue with or I thought of something better to replace them.

The first and biggest are the Personalities

^ instead of making them hard numbers that you have to keep track of etc, I decided to just incorporate it all into the dialogue. So you’ll typically have a choice between answers to questions which will be one of these four tones of voices and you can roleplay them out however you want. Maybe one question is set-up that makes you think your character would respond in a sexy way, while another makes you think they would act more serious. I think this gives the player more control over their character.

Lemme know what you guys think about that.

Another thing I got rid of are three of the WEATHER changes.
Instead of…

I reduced it to…

Because writing 24 different descriptions PER ROOM — I wittled it down to 12 which turned out to be WAAAAAY more manageable for me and it was slowing down room creation to a crawl. So anything that really, really slows me down, I’m tossing. The personalities was the same way in the original game. Writing four unique scenes per scene was killing me. So those have been nixed.

I also am thinking about getting rid of the SFW version simply because I want the world to feel real and like a living thing and sexy stuff is part of real life…I dunno it just feels right. Maybe down the line I can make a SFW version but for now I’m focusing on just getting the game out as it is meant to be.

COMING UP*******************************
I’ll be working on the NPCs that inhabit the first two blocks of East Ajun (the two blocks that will be available in the demo). All of them already have full descriptions. In most places there are one or two staff, sometimes there up to three though so we’re looking at around 15-19 NPCs to start with when the demo comes out.

As I mentioned before I’ll have two types of NPCs.
Important NPCs that inhabit the stores or general areas and they will have several booleans and functions associated with them. Including; whether or not you’ve met them. They will have general descriptions and four other categories which you can discover and have added to their “Look” at descriptions once you find out those particular things about them: Dreams, Likes-Disklikes/Preferences/Dating. You can date them and give them gifts too assuming you fit their criteria and that they are single.

And secondary NPCs which will be randomized throughout the town that you can interact with in your own way. If you have vampirism you can bite them, if you have bimbiyos you can bimbofy them, steal, talk to, murder, have sex with and so on.

This all ties into the various reputation systems already implemented into the game. I just have to physically add them in which I don’t think will take very long.

After the NPCs, I might start adding the pictures for the maps, rooms and such into the game and I’ll get started on darkening and adding the Skill Tree pictures which are completed. I just have to scan them in.

I am hoping to have the demo completely ready by mid-end of May or the very end of May but that’s not a definite time-line. Just the new timeline I’m shooting for.

That’s it! Remember you want to get in touch with me and discuss any of this or if you have questions for me, you can contact me in the following ways below…
AMS Website

I strongly urge to join the Discord or Twitter at the very least so you’ll be up-to-date with what I’m working on. I even pinned all the important stuff in the “Game News” section of the Discord if you want to check everything out for yourself 😀


Oh! Look at the cool new title art I commissioned for the game! Sick isn’t it!?


Happy Newyear! And New News!

(Just wanted to see how many time I could squeeze “new” into the title. Bwahaha!)

Anyway, heya all!

Sorry about the long silence but there really hasn’t been much to report that any of you would be interested in; a lot of backend programming, setting up variables, global parameters and that kind of thing. Booooring.

I’ve been steadily working on all the systems for the game though and the engine itself has been getting pretty regular updates. The last few updates are on their way too which will include the last remaining menus and the revamped combat system.

I’ll get into all that though right after I thank all the new patrons for their generous contributions! ^_^ Thank you so much to the follow individuals. Your support has been incredible and it’s been a pleasure to work my butt off for you! I super appreciate your generosity too. Woo!

Dwayne H.
Nathan C.
Sulaiman A.S
Lost Gambit
James P.
Tavon Runecaster
Kenneth B.
Brandon E.
Sei P.

And for those who continue to support the game, don’t worry, your rewards are coming too.

As I mentioned before the moment the demo drops, those who are currently donating, or who have donated at least or over $30 total will become “Legacy Donators“.

I’ll explain those perks when the time comes but hopefully it’ll be well-worth the time and energy you’ve been putting into this development.

Now onto the news!

New Systems
I thought I would start off by showing you all the new systems that are currently in-game. Keep in mind, these are just the basic workings of these systems and a lot of the details in them haven’t been filled in yet. I just want everything working and set up before I start adding descriptions into them.

PregnancySpeed 1
PregnancySpeed 2
PregnancySpeed 3
Fertilized System
Ovulation System
Element Innate
Hair Color
Swollen Breasts
Swollen Nipples
and I’m currently in the middle of Futa-Estrus and regular Estrus. I’ll be continuing those tomorrow though. The holidays kind of interrupted my pace and then my spouse got really sick.

As you can see though, there are a lot of new things to look forward to. I’ll be implementing optional Thirst and Hunger, the Stink-o-Meter and so on. Needless to say, there are a lot more systems to go.

Keep in mind, I’ll be borrowing a lot of the descriptions from the old systems in ‘Apocamorphosis’ too. The first of many things that will eventually be transferred into the new engine. But it’ll save a lot of time right off the bat once things get going ^_^

Other than programming those backend systems and creating the variables that dictate different aspects of them. Not much has been going on. As I mentioned, the engine is getting pretty regular updates, especially regarding it’s menu’s but I’ll be showing you those as time goes on.

As for the timeline and demo release, I haven’t a clue yet. Like I said, I want all the systems in place and all the pictures in place before I even think about releasing the demo, that way I can just focus on the story and the writing instead of juggling ten million things like I did during Apocamorphosis’ development.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. If you want details on any of the new systems you see listed here, please feel free to contact me via; email, Discord, F95 or even Twitter.
AMS Website

Happy Hunting! 😀


Mid-September Update: Engine News! Future News!

Hey everyone!

As always, let’s kick off this update with a special thanks to the new patrons helping keep the game afloat! (Oh, and if you don’t want your name announced on an update such as this one, just let me know. I usually just abbreviate names to protect identities anyway, but I can completely omit if requested too).

I bring this up because I heard some drama from some other game over Twitter that I will not mention.

Anyway, thank you very much to the following people!

And now onto the update!


I repeat!

The engine is finally finished.

Right now we’re working out the last of the bugs and adding some last minute features for quality-of-life but yeah, it looks really great. It’s responsive, fast and it’s complex but at the same time, I think anyone could pick it up and run with it.

It can be played on Linux/Mac/Windows/Iphone and Android and will auto-adjust to those platforms when opened on them.


Now onto a little story about this whole journey.

I’ll make it as brief as I can.

Truth be told, you guys haven’t exactly gotten the entire truth about this grueling process. This is mostly because I didn’t want to scare anyone, or put any doubt in the minds of the game’s followers. But I ended up having to “fire” the original programmer for the engine about two months ago. See, despite pushing him every couple of days to work on it, he was constantly busy with other projects and kept pushing back the delivery date of the engine. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do about that as I had already paid him for it. This was the same guy who worked on the project for over a year and a half (basically since I announced I found a programmer for the game and was moving away from Quest).

The whole fiasco wasn’t really all his fault though. I didn’t know anything about game engines. I didn’t know how much I needed to pay him for it and he was fresh out of high-school and he essentially bit off more than he could chew. We both severely underestimated the process and made some mistakes along the way. Luckily, we decided to part on friendly terms. This meant the entire engine he created up to this point was scrapped (though to be honest there wasn’t much there anyway).

During these three months, I reached out to another programmer and he promised a two-month deadline depending on what I wanted or needed for the project; an an independant engine that I could use again and again, or a single game template that I could use once. After discussing everything that was in the original game ‘Apocamorphosis’ with him however, he was like, we better go with the engine. The far more complex option. And so he started it about a month and a half ago.

This ‘new’ engine I’ve been speaking of is literally a brand new iteration of it and a completely different engine than what was originally being made by the other programmer. But it’s finally done. The engine itself is usable and ready to go, and we have one more milestone left before the new programmer is completely finished with the project I hired him for.

The last piece is the front-end of the game; the player interface and menus. I showed you guys a GUI a while back….

^ the player GUI

which is being started next week. We estimate this will take about 2 weeks to get implemented and is much easier to create (and more fun) than an engine itself.

I also wanted to show off the general area map I made, although I’m not sure this will be the final or not because I’m not 100% happy with it (this works for the time being though)!

Ajun (pronounced ‘Jhoon’ encompasses the city and the surrounding area)

This will be the entire explorable first area (which can be technically bypassed at anytime, allowing the player to leave for the adventure with the caravan. You might remember that sequence from the opening of the first iteration of the game). But leaving will not be required and you can spend all the time you want in this area. There will be plenty of quests and adventures throughout.

This leads into the city proper.

Ajun is divided into four separated sections and will be the main hub for the first half of the game

Again, I’m not sure if this will remain the final map. But it works from a simplistic standpoint and will be crucial to not getting turned around or lost while you’re in the city walls. I’ve taken numerous precautions to prevent that from happening (don’t worry).

Character Viewer
I know many of you have questions about the ‘character viewer’ and I ultimately decided a few days ago to take the approach of having ‘outfits’ rather than independant pieces of clothing (piercings, hairstyles and tattoos are not included in the ‘outfits’). The reason behind this is, I can only hide so much in the individual CGs I’ve been sketching for the game. I’ve used all the tricks too-but ultimately I think having many variations for several outfits is the better way to go until I can hand the art off to someone else. Once I can afford to do that, we’ll break the outfits into individual pieces again. Like hairstyles, I hope to provide many, many, many variations to what you can wear. And what you wear will affect the “Rumor System” I’m developing.

Just wanted to give a heads-up on that.

The New Milestones
Having met 90% of last months milestones; we have CG sketches of 3-4 boob jobs, 3-4 blow jobs, multiple stages of vampire or lycanthrop CGs, nipple affliction art work, 1 sketch of female on top sex and I finished the sketches for all three skill-tree tiers. I also finished several more NPC descriptions and building inside/outside descriptions for the East Side of Ajun. It’s about half-way done.

The goals for this month are:
-Finish as many NPC and building descriptions as possible for Ajun.
-3 more sketch CGs of ‘woman on top’ sex
-3-4 sketch CGs of ‘lesbian’ sex
-3-4 sketch CGs of ‘male on top’ sex
and possibly draw one more outfit for the character viewer.

No promises on all of these but that’s my goal.

I think that’s it for the time being 😀

If you think of any questions you want to ask or need to know, please get in contact with me via the following:
AMS Website

Happy hunting future adventurers!

August Update: Engine Status, Game Development, What’s Coming Up!

Hey all!

As usual, before getting started, I would like to introduce and thank the following patron’s for their very generous donations over the last few months. I also want to thank all of you who’ve stuck with me through this development in spite of having very little to show for it so far. That takes a lot of faith and I promise it will be rewarded!

I would also like to apologize for the lack of update information for the past couple of months but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Now then onto the show! Thank you very, very much to the following individuals for their amazing donations!

Jojo Golden Wind
Alpha Stigma
Anthony E.
Dwayne H.

You guys rock! In fact, everyone has been very supportive and incredible during this entire process so far. It’s really kept me going, even on those days where it felt like nothing was getting accomplished.

Thank you all for being my rock. I hope I will make it worth your while.

Radio Silence:
So where have I been for the past few months you ask?? Well, just sitting here writing and working to be honest. Keep in mind, there really wasn’t anything major to report until a couple of days ago. In the meantime, I’ve just been knocking out some of the art for the game, sketching stuff for later, writing descriptions and more or less trying to figure out what all the priorities are as they come up.

This kind of silence will become less and less frequent in the next month or so simply because I’ll finally be at a point where I’ll be keeping a changelog for the development! Pretty nifty, huh :D? More on that later though.

If you want to keep up with what I’m working on in real time though check out the game’s Discord as I’ve been reporting to it every couple of hours and days letting people know what I’m working on when I’m working on it. I even created a brand new channel whose sole purpose is to announce development news.

Engine Status:
And now onto the main reason for this post! I would like to announce that the first major iteration of the engine is finally complete. The engine isn’t quite ready to go yet because we’re working out bugs now, and I need to add a couple of additional features to it but for the most part, I can start using it to develop the game (although I’m not going to until I know it’s 100%). However, I’m very excited because it’ll make working on the game SO MUCH EASIER.

The ETA for the additional features and engine completion is by the middle or end of this month depending on how smoothly it goes. After that, all game production will be moved into the engine. I’ll likely announce that when it happens, so keep an eye out.

In addition, the main GUI for the player is getting fully implemented this month as well as the character viewer and all the other technical details. I predict by this time next month, official development will be in full swing.

It’s about time too!

Game Development:
So what I have been working on? Well, the boring parts of the game that you guys probably don’t care much about. But they are the foundations. And without foundations, everything falls apart. After working on Apocamorphosis, I learned what not to do and how not to plan out things. So this time, I’m taking the smart approach. I’m laying all the foundation work first and then moving onto the more fun story-telling aspects of the game.

Lately, I’ve been working on the art; the vampire affliction/transformation art, the character viewer (up until a few weeks ago. I finished the initial art I wanted for the first release), the werewolf affliction/transformation art, the skill-tree art, and writing all the NPCs descriptions and all the building descriptions inside and out.

You might think doing something like writing NPC descriptions is easy, but it takes a lot of effort and concentration to fully describe an individual and to make them all sound uniquely different with each individual having their own personalities and quirks. It’s the same for buildings throughout the town. I want them to feel fully realized and alive so-to-speak. I want the player to be able to see the town as a living breathing entity. I have a lot of fun ideas to help it feel that way too! I can’t wait to announce them!

The idea though is I want to fully finish the town and NPC descriptions, and then fill the shops that need filling, program all the little quirks and systems into the game for that area and then I’ll expand outside of the town and start the process over.

That way, when you go to play it, there isn’t a big chunk of the game just barren and incomplete (I find that very immersion breaking myself).

Each area will be fully realized before it’s released (or at least to a point where there will be enough to do to keep you occupied). And trust me, there will be A LOT to do.

Coming Up This Month:
Skill Tree Art
Continued Town/NPC Descriptions
Engine Final Touches
Title Screen/Character Creation Implmentation
Player GUI Implemention
Last Vampire Affliction Transformation Art
Starting General Sex Art

As usual, if you have ANY questions about any of the game’s development or just questions for me in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me in the following ways:
AMS Website

May Update; Character Viewer Preview, GUI Preview, SaveLoad, Player Housing, Future Plans

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to update you all on what’s been happening for the last month or so. ^_^ Before I do though, I wanted to give a shoutout to a couple of very generous donators whom I greatly appreciate. Thank you very much to the following people!


Timmy M.

So, starting off, I want to discuss a couple of things and what the plan is moving forward! First, I’m going to talk about the character creator and the progress regarding that. Second, I’ll talk about the Save/Load state and what the plan for that is, the GUI will come afterward, and then Player Housing and I’ll talk about the main city Map as well. Hopefully by the time I finish this post, I’ll have a video, or a couple of pictures to include.

I’m happy to say that the character creator is progressing nicely. But honestly, half of the viewer’s production so far has been me learning HOW to do it, practicing something, failing and then trying something else and having that work, haha! But anyway, the viewer is coming along and I have all the major sketches ready to be darkened once I finish off the clothing.

There are 16 starting hairstyles which can be changed at anytime (assuming the player can afford it), these include bald, 4 short styles, 4 medium styles, 4 long styles and 4 very long styles, there are also eight clothing pieces; 4 tops (a tubetop, a haltertop, a tanktop and a leather poofy sleeve top) and 4 bottoms (short shorts, a miniskirt, a long skirt and a pair of tights) which are interchangable at will with far more to come.

In short, there are a lot of pictures…over 90 so far; breastsize, lipsize, hipsize, buttsize, hairstyles, ear-type, fingernail length, tail-type, scales, feet-type, pregnancy, fur, tattoo and piercings and so on. But for the time being, I think these are sufficient to get the player started on the adventure. I can always add more upon request, or at my leisure as production goes on. I can also color them production goes on too so little by little it’ll improve.

As for the character creator itself, I have completely finished the main coding for it and all of the questions therein. I think there are around 24-25 which determine your upbringing, family history, your appearance and several secret variables which determine how villagers will react to your character. The creator is a little barebones in the looks department right now but as time goes on, I can make it prettier. Looks are easy to change or update.

(Check it out below. As a warning there is NSFW imagery. I have provided a .MOV and .MKV — If you need any other formats let me know. Also, keep in mind what is shown in the video is just an alpha layer test. I also want to redo the hip-sizes a bit so some of the clothing on the top half of the body doesn’t clip.)

This brings me to the Save/Load system which in my opinion is one of the most important aspects of the new game, especially since this very system is what plagued the first iteration of the APOCAMORPHOSIS in Quest for YEARS and is what initially led me to find a new engine to continue production in. I couldn’t seem to fix it because Quest was a hodgepodge of coding and programming languages with fixes built over fixes. Highly unstable to say the least. I do have a special place in my heart for that engine but…unfortunately sometimes we have to leave things behind in order to grow.

I’m happy to say though, the SAVE/LOAD system in Unity will be much faster and way more reliable. The idea for it is; I specifically want it to be able to save all rooms, player states and object variables, and also load those variables just as they were saved. Like if the player drops an item in their home, I want the item to be saved to that spot, or any storage containers that might be within. If they increase their height, their height will be saved.

Right now, it works on a basic level but isn’t incredibly nice looking. As progress continues, I’ll work on making it prettier and more efficient. I’ll keep everyone up-to-date. Hopefully, it’ll be just as easy to continue in my game as it is for people who play mobile games. Download new update; hit play, game continues is my dream for it.

And now, let’s discuss the GUI; Game User Interface. This is what the player will see as they play the game. The design is wholly original to AUVORA and I’ve designed it with a couple of important things in mind, including; ease of understanding and access, keeping it simplistic and making it so that the player can stare at the screen for long periods of time without hurting their eyes. With that in mind, this is the design I went with…

The top image in the link is the original template I came up with and designed, and the bottom is the more detailed template of what it will look like in game. I really hope you guys like it!

Personally, I think it’ll be really great and I have a lot of confidence in the design. It’ll also give the player information without overloading you with too much text.

One of the first surprises I want to spring on all of you is that AUVORA is starting off as a kind of life-sim surrounded by adventure and danger which you are free to participate in or ignore. The start of the bigger adventure as experienced in APOCAMORPHOSIS is just around the corner however and will be lingering and pulling the player toward it. Will you heed the call of the adventure or do you just want to stay in the town and live your life? It’s completely up to you. Best part about it as well is that you can bypass the town whenever you wish. Or you can stay for a couple of months until you build up your funds and then move on accordingly. Alternatively, you can just better your living situation, work, earn money and get a family, protect the town or pleasure the people there for as long as you wish.

The first major section that I’ve just finished writing is the player housing which turned out to be around 15,000 words of description. This is where you will live, rest, sleep and raise your family. Your home can be upgraded five times in total if you desire for such and is a massive storage area for your convenience. You also have to pay rent on it which is 100 gold every 10 days or so (subject to change). In addition, you can customize certain aspects of it and keep pets — basically, you make it your own. And you’re free to sell it anytime. This means, yes, you can be homeless or you can upgrade your house enough to afford one in a more expensive district. The sky is the limit ^_^

Speaking of districts…the map for the town Ajun (June) is more or less ready to go. There are 39 points of interest/places to visit planned right off the bat when you start in the main area of the town (this is not including areas outside of the village itself which I call ‘Outer Ajun’). There’s…

East Ajun
(Normal Commerce District/Normal Housing)

West Ajun
(School + Law Enforcement, Guilds)

North Ajun
(Rich High Priced District/High-End Housing)

South Ajun
(Housing District + Slums + Refugee Camps)

Now, I’m aware that having a town with four separate Districts and basically 40+ main rooms will be quite daunting for some people. Not to mention, I know that navigating in text adventures can be not only confusing but outright frustrating as well. But I think I came up with a clever solution to help ease the player until they become more familiar with the town.

The first solution was separating each District into smaller Blocks. For example, you have…

East Ajun, Block 1
East Ajun, Block 2

and so on.

On each of these blocks will be several locations which the player can travel a loop in and when they are ready to leave that loop, they simply click a button on the Compass Rose and it will take them to wherever they want to go next.

The second solution is continuing the trend I did in APOCAMORPHOSIS; having a detailed description of where an exit will take the player. This will allow the player to figure out what their next course of action is and allow them to plan accordingly.

The third solution is the city MAP itself which I designed. When visiting a new room or District, all the player has to do is click the map and it will show them exactly where they are in the town. Hopefully that will also help them triangulate their current position and help them figure out where they want to go next.

And finally, the fourth solution will be allowing the player to simply “jump” to whatever location in the town they want to go. So if you type; “Go Kiki’s Bakery” the player will be automatically transported there. When they are ready to go home, if they are inside of the city walls, typing “Go Home” will transport the player there instantaneously. The only downside to this solution is that you might miss random events.

Let me know what you guys think about this or if you would like to see the map so far.

This finally brings us to the future. Having learned a couple of lessons from APOCAMORPHOSIS’ production, I know exactly how I want to handle what’s coming up with AUVORA. Simply put, I will create all the blank rooms of the town first and how they fit together. Then I will do the descriptions for all those places one at a time. After that, I’ll add in each person and their descriptions to each location and then from there I will add the other options.

Once the main town is finished, I will do the same for ‘Outer Ajun’ etc, the more dangerous areas; the farmlands, the forest, the river and all of that.

So what is officially next? Aside from working on character viewer clothing and the art for the Afflictions, I’ll be starting on all of the town location descriptions. My goal is to finish all of them this month. I also, want the GUI to be implemented, the Saveload System to be ready and I want to start adding in the character viewer elements.

A NSFW button has also been added which can easily be turned off and on. This will remove any NSFW questions/content from the game and will allow me to essentially split it in two versions without any trouble at all.

That’s pretty much it for the time being! The important thing to take away from this is that I don’t feel overwhelmed in the slightest and things are coming along very smoothly. However, if you guys have any questions at all or concerns of any kind, please feel free to get in contact with me via the following…
twitter: anonynn1

Until then, see you guys out there! I’m looking forward to speaking with each of you!


‘Auvora’ March Update and Poll Discussion

Hey all!

As usual, before I jump into things, I would like to recognize some individuals who have donated not only their time into Apocamorphosis, but also their money to fund ‘Auvora’s creation. So without further delay, thank you so much to the following individuals:
Classy Fish
Rob G.

and Himeko T.
and I would like to thank all of my donators for their continued support and patronage while I develop the new engine and the new area that will be introduced with it. You are all amazing! ^_^

Now, let’s jump into things!

Character Viewer Poll Results
Thank you for everyone who participated in this poll…

In the end, Pose 1 claimed victory with Pose 2 right behind it. However, because of how adamantly everyone was when casting their vote, I thought I would reward both parties by doing my best combine the two poses into one. I wasn’t expecting to do this, nor did I suspect that the results would be so close, but given the circumstances, I think it’s only fair! I hope this will satisfy both parties!

I will get started on this immediately.

Auvora GUI
Another matter I would like to announce is the brand new UI that I’ve had commissioned, and although what I’m going to show you isn’t the absolute final product, it will be a good idea or indication what the UI for the game will look like. Keep in mind, the set-up is inspired by Apocamorphosis’ but I don’t think ‘Auvora’ will share that arrangement.

The GUI is inspired by something my spouse and I agreed upon.

I hope you guys like the colors and the general theme overall ^_^ Just remember that the set-up/arrangement is most definitely going to change.

This was created by:

So hit him up on Discord if you would like to commission any work for yourselves.

General News
Work on the game continues! I’m mostly focused on the character creator right now and making sure everything is set-up just the way I want it. This includes coding the questions and answers, and making sure as you pick your choices that the results are clearly displayed. That way, you can glance at your stats and make decisions to balance or unbalance your character however you like.

I will also be providing the option to hide what choices gives you in terms of stats and another choice to hide what choices give you in terms of physical appearance. Further down the line, the master command that turns on and off NSFW content will affect the creator too and what options are available.

I’m on question 17 of 23-ish atm though and may add another question or two more by the end 🙂 Careful too! Some of the choices you make in the creator changes how some of the first area’s npcs will treat or regard you.

Creator Questions
I do have another poll I want to run by all of you in a couple days regarding how to set up the questions as well, or what you all would prefer I do. The options will be presenting the creator as: 1) a progressing story like how Apocamorphosis was, OR 2) grouping questions together depending on whether they are moral or physical questions; meaning all of the physical would be together and all of the moral questions would be together.

Start thinking about it ^_^ And I should be creating the poll soon!

Anyway! That’s it for the time being! If you guys have any questions or anything, please let me know! :D!


‘Auvora’ February Update

Hey all!

Before jumping into things, I just want to acknowledge the donor this month.


Thank you so much for your very generous contribution toward the game! It’s very appreciated and helps support my family and I while I bust my booty on the new content! I hope you enjoyed playing through the old version ^_^

With that said, I know I promised I would start trying to reduce the length of these update discussions and in all honesty, I really want to. But I’ve been working on so much that I’ll be extremely hard pressed to live up to that promise @_@ .

A few things have been going on with the engine that I wanted to discuss ^_^ I will summarize below! (Woo!) Remember, if you have ANY questions at all about any of these summaries or topics, please feel free to contact me.

– The main programming for the engine is still underway but the skeleton and character creator are mostly finished, which means I can start working on things as I’ve mentioned before in January.

– I’ve hired a GUI/UI artist for the overall look of the game too; i.e the buttons and the main window. We have tossed around a kind of a nature-inspired UI idea.

– I have gotten back in touch with my background artist and the game’s original composer. And they seem very eager to return to the game which is great news for me! I’m excited to have them back.

– I am planning to have duel “music players”; the first will handle music which can be ‘paused/muted’ and ‘unpaused/unmuted’. The second player will handle sound effects which can also be ‘paused/muted’ and ‘unpaused/unmuted’. I hope this will help people pick and choose what they want to hear (if anything) as they experience the game. Sound effects annoying you? Mute them with a click. Music getting redundant? Mute that with a click as well! Very easy!

– The game will have a NSFW and SFW version which I can switch between with the click of a button. And both will be available to download when the first version is released. That way all audiences can enjoy the world and the setting.

Character Creator
– I’ve started adding the questions to the creator which takes roughly 45 minutes per question to completely program given all the variables, and that’s me moving at mach speed. Holy cow! There will be roughly 21 questions to start with which are divided between physical and moral. If more questions need to be added later, it can be done very easily 🙂

– I’ve also added all the attributes to the player object that will be relevant in-game, which means a far more intuitive experience for me to program and for the player to experience. Less bugs too! Again, I can always add more variables or less variables as needed.

– I have added roughly 30-60 answers to the questionaire than the original character creator had in the lastest version of ‘Apocamorphosis’. I hope this will help people create a more diverse character which fits their imagination better. I can always add more to it later on as well, especially if someone finds that their niche isn’t being represented properly! Choices in the creator will affect how Area 1 treats your character btw. Mwahahah! All of that has been planned out.

– I have 3 poses I want to share with you all and will create a poll for the standing picture of the creator (which gets updated live before your eyes as you go through the questionaire) and the player’s character throughout the game. So vote on your favorite and when all the votes are in. I will draw up and color all the attributes that will be associated with the player.

– I have mostly finalized all of the afflictions, transformations, body modifications and player attributes that will be available in the game. I won’t list them all here quite yet, but each affliction and state of being will have some special art dedicated to it as your character gets afflicted. Naturally, the standing pose of the character will reflect any changes you go through and clothing too. This should all be pretty easy once I know which pose to go with, so vote now!

New Area 1
– Once I finish implementing all of the character creator questions, I will move onto creating the skeleton of the new area, which is essentially acting as a double experience;
* a stand-alone, slice-of-life experience where you can work, have children, date, fulfill guild requests etc
* a leaping off point for the adventure found in ‘Apocamorphosis’ which I will be porting into ‘Auvora’ once this area is done.

This first new area has been 90% planned out. I have created about 12 Sections that contain a total of 72 major rooms, 40 regular jobs (so far), 12 Guild Jobs (for level 1 with 4 planned tiers in total), 1 dungeon and 56 townsfolk with an additional 32 that will be available for intimate relations. d(^_^d)

I’m approaching this in a systematic manner so the work won’t get overwhelming or too much to manage. Meaning, I’m creating the skeleton first, then all the room descriptions. Then the townsfolk and then all the dialogue. It shouldn’t be too difficult based on my experience with ‘Apocamorphosis’.

– I’ve currently completely the city map for the first area and the surrounding area map, including highlights when the player enters that section and fog which the player will automatically remove as they explore. When the game is released, I hope you guys enjoy those because they were a pain in the butt to create.

Future Plans
– Once I have the new area complete, I’ll be readding in the ‘Apocamorphosis’ adventure sections with updated mechanics and combat. I don’t think I have to write, or adjust anything in those in terms of description and very little with coding. ^_^

I think that’s technically it. I’m sure I’m missing something or didn’t talk about something that I meant to. But my brain is fried! So ….let me know if you have any questions about anything and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

You can contact via these ways below:






Have a wonderful day! Also! Don’t forget to vote on the character viewer!


Engine Update + Moving Forward

Everything is fine!

Hello, everyone!

Long time no see!

Before jumping into things and explaining what’s ahead on the horizon, I believe I owe a lot of people recognition for not only their dedication and continued support but also their donations over the past year. I’m not sure if all of these patrons are still actively donating or not, but either way, they still deserve recognition for supporting me and other creator’s whose content has inspired and entertained them.

Also, holy moly that year went by fast! @_@

With that said, I want to use the beginning of this the new year to create a new precedent of making smaller update posts, instead of the massive explanations I used to give from time to time about new mechanics and all that. So hopefully you have that to look forward to, haha!

Patron Thank You
Let’s kick start things right with my sincere gratitude to the following individuals/users…

Mitch T.
Phil K.
Sean B.
Zanna C.
Gabriel B.
Paul R.
Dwayne H.
鱼 咸
Holy Knight

Mattis L.
Ethan R.
Lucas C.
Drew H.
Alex R.
Edward G.
Matt J.
Barry R.
Tim B.

And remember, if any of you would like your current codes for the tiers in the current version of the game that you’ve unlocked, just send me a message and I’ll get them to you as quickly as possible ^_^
Haitus Explanation
I guess, I have some explaining to do. But honestly, at the same time there is nothing really to say. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least, there wasn’t until now.

For the past year, I’ve been waiting for the new engine to be developed. The programmer in-charge of it and I have extensively talked and discussed what I’m looking for. During that time one or two prototypes were created from scratch but in the end, after numerous bugs and problems, we decided to switch it over to Unity. Unity will be what the next version of the game is released on and should be available for all platforms.

I apologize about that year of quiet as well, but honestly, there was nothing to really show or discuss, and I didn’t want people getting impatient with all the shifts and changes being made to the engine. Hell, I know how it was because that’s how I was feeling throughout; irritated, frustration, stir-crazy etc.

While all of that was happening. I was being proactive in the creation of the game, it’s future and doing my best to learn C#. I’ve also been refining my art and learning how to do layers so I can create a viable character viewer window. So all the things I discussed in the last post are still the priorities. Nothing about that has changed.

And now onto the…

Good News
Apocamorphosis — now called “Auvora” is FINALLY back in active development. The engine prototype, albeit a very plain and unimpressive looking prototype, has been developed far enough along that I can start programming for it again. Hurrah! If you’re curious about the “Apocamorphosis” title, it will be used in-game. So don’t worry!

However, I have to say that you guys will not see anything playable for a long while. I will be posting updates and showcases and that kind of thing pretty frequently, and will let you all know what I’m developing as I create it. I’ll also be making polls. But I don’t want to release the game until I have the following fully fleshed out and as bug free:

* Mechanics fleshed out.
* The character viewer, Help Guide, and character creator completed
* Section 1 (the new area) completed
* Section 2 (the caravan, alternate paths and the Withered Snag) completed

So there is a lot of work to be done and I’d like to get started on it. If you guys have any questions about any of this, I will be happy to share it as long as it doesn’t involve spoilers for anything. ^_^ So ask anything you want. I should be making a poll sometime this week, I hope, regarding the character viewer and the angle you would like to see your character from.

Here are a couple of samples of art and layers for outfits and apppearances I’ve been experimenting with…

This will be similar to how I envision the character viewer 🙂


January Update: Game Title, Poll Results, Patreon Changes, News and Character Viewer, Updated Stringlists and More!

Hey everyone ^_^

Before getting started with all the announcements, I want to acknowledge and thank all of my patrons from the bottom of my heart for this year of support, which has been especially trying for some of you because of the pandemic and lack of financial resources.

I also want to thank all the newcomers and those who continue to return to offer their support. Please give a warm and sincere welcome to the following supporters who have pledged since the last update:

Anthony X.
Caden P.
Lobster with Knives
Dave Y.
and finally, Daniel (who gave a very generous donation).

Thank you all SO much for being there for me and taking this project under your wing. And thanks to all the returning patrons who believe in this project. You guys really do make working on the game extremely fun and rewarding.

Now onto the announcements.

Here’s the moment some of you have been waiting for (since I mentioned it in the October update). The game is getting a new title to signify the coming of the new engine and all the new changes which I’ve already been working on…

drum roll

and the new title is….


with the subtitle of “The Apocamorphosis” but searching for Auvora should lead you straight to the new game with the new engine when I release it.

“But Anonynn, why Auvora? That seems so random.”

Auvora is actually the name of the last surviving continent on the Planet which the game takes place on. After thinking about it for sometime, I think Auvora is at the center of this conflict and basically what’s at stake; it’s also the lens from whcih the player experiences everything through.

It feels appropriate and the subtitle can change depending on what part of the game you’re currently experiencing. In the beginning, ‘the Apocamorphosis‘ is the center crisis of the story (as well as the underlying conflict throughout the rest of the story) but as you go through the game, that focus may change.

For example, in Lord of the Rings, you have the opening focus, ‘The Fellowship of the Ring‘ which is about the team’s trials and tribulations with the underlying war with Sauron always being present. But eventually that team splits and the focus becomes ‘The Two Towers‘ and so on.

So that’s the idea. Auvora is the new name. The Apocamorphosis is the subtitle for the first couple of areas before the player really gets into the meat of the story (depending on what path they choose to take).

Let me know what you think!

On the Female Protagonist Poll way back in October, having a female protagonist for the game won in a huge land-slide, so all the male content will be shifted into that of a ‘futa-female‘ which is now an affliction that can be received in the game (entirely by choice).

The major reason for this change is that focusing on one gender during writing will help me write faster (instead of writing 8 scenarios per scene, I only have to write 4). In addition, regarding the character viewer, I can only draw women so I don’t have to pay anyone to do it. This is one of my latest drawings…

I do all the drawing on paper and then scan and color in Paint Tool Sai v1.0. It’s not the most sophisticated program but the results aren’t bad. So you can expect something of this quality in the character viewer but I’ll talk more on that soon.

So yes, the game will now feature a Female Only Protagonist ^_^

The other October Poll I took was whether the idea I had for the new Patreon/PayPal Rewards was worth going for. And again, a land-slide victory went toward making those changes a permanent fixture. I’ll be setting those up very soon. If you’re unaware. This is what the new reward system will be…

You will gain access to voting-polls and special posts with a $1 donation (once the new engine is out), the newest version of the game for $3 donations (same as it currently is) and then $5 will grant you access to every single cheat-code the game has to offer (essentially unlocking them ALL for you, forever).

I plan to do this by giving everyone a unique unlock code (and if it gets stolen or put in public forums, I can just pull that code away and then possibly put a temporary ban or perma-ban on those that use it without authorization). I believe this is fair for the people who are/did actually pay for the codes rather than someone who just decides to steal that access.

I think reducing all the costs is only fair to the player base since 1. The pandemic is making everyone’s lives hell, 2. You guys deserve to be treated better after all the Patreon-scams happening from other artists/writers and 3. I just like ya and feel it’s more fair!

So expect the Patreon shifts in the next week or so or hopefully even sooner than that. ^_^

I don’t know much about character viewers other than what I’ve seen other games do. I know I need a body base. I’m thinking this one will be the main base….
since it gives a clear view of the character’s body shape, face and clothing. I may have the arm lowered as well. But you can expect this from the colored version…
Keep in mind, this piece is a little old as my style has slightly changed and I’ve improved in my Paint Took skillz, so it’ll be a better quality than this.

What do you guys think of this? Should I use this pose? Something more fun? Keep in mind it SHOULD do it’s best to show the player their clothing and character so crazy angles might not be best for that.

In any case, I’ve already started on several renditions from the black and white base and will have more to post on that soon.

Going along with the Character Viewer, I also went through the entire game’s previous stringlists and narrowed ALL categories down to more simplified interpretations. This will allow more noticable changes to the character as the game goes on (all of which are entirely optional). Here are some of them (note I cannot post them all as the list is 215 lines and 5k words)……

vampirism = player will randomly grow fangs and lose health until they drink a humanoid or enemies blood; vampire hunters will track you. Some NPCs will attack or run from you. Eyecolor changes to red.

lyncatrophy = at night the player may go through the painful process of transforming into a humanoid wolf; they will appear in a completely different section of the current map upon waking. Player might also attract the attention of hunters. Player’s intelligence will decrease with each transformation until they are unable to resist it.

doll = from morning to afternoon; player will become a supernaturally beautiful doll and become unable to move or speak. Enemies can move the player during these times or violate them if sexy or sarcastic mood dominant. Player cannot get pregnant from this process.

demon = be able to transform at will into a demon but each time they do, some part of them remains demonic; like horns remaining etc. At the end, they become a high-demon. This can happen through sex too upon achieving orgasm.

rabbit’s foot = player’s agility greatly increases; might possibly leading to a rabbit transformation as well who knows!

possession/haunted = whether acute or persistent; player can be possessed by any manner of ghost if their resist isn’t strong enough. Player sometimes does something against their will like moving forward instead of backward. Might also allow enemies to hit them without fighting back. Wasting supplies etc.

futa = player has a penis that has a chance of knocking up NPCs they sleep with. Lesbian NPCs will reject the player however. Sex scenes change. Double the libido/estrus count.

bimbo = player’s intelligence drops to 0 or 1. Libido/estrus triples. Sexy dominant mood locks. Resist can help the player refuse sex. Pregnancy speeds up; body changes double breast, butt and hipsize. Chance to turn hair platinum blonde as well. Bimbo talk. Player slowly transforms into a bimbo with body proportions.

light brown
dark brown
transparent green = goo race only
transparent blue = goo race only
purple = demon/high demon affliction
red = demon/high demon affliction
blue = demon/high demon affliction
green = goblin and alaraune race only
light green = goblin and alaraune race only


And so on. Hope you guys are excited for these!

Around November or so, the programmer working on the new engine (some of you might have gotten to speak with him on Discord) had to take a brief holiday but he returned in December for a short-time, proposed a huge coding re-write of the engine and is now back again in January to continue/finish everything up.

A massive rewrite of the code occurred (as mentioned) which will allow us to make changes easier without breaking the entire engine. But the rewrite is done and we’re moving to implement simple things again like opening and closing containers and using lights (both of which have had a massive overhaul from Quest). As these minor things are added, I’ll keep you all up-to-date but we’re getting to the point where I should be able to start transferring pieces of the game over and seeing what happens.

So this came to me the other day when I was reviewing the opening sequence. And it just didn’t make any sense to me why the player is forcibly exiled from the caravan (as a larger group would be safer to travel in), in spite of the reasoning given in-game.

I thought that this small section needs to be elaborated on and instead of having an artificial reasoning, it needed a more concrete story element for the separation. I figured the player could spend 3 nights with the caravan that span over several weeks. So Day 1 meeting everyone. Day 2 (several weeks later) more interactions. Day 3 (even more time later and the separation from the group). So you can look forward to that and more interactions with those characters if you’ve enjoyed them. The rest of the game will open as normal with a couple of changes to things here and there.
That’s about it for this update on the game. If you have ANY questions at all for any of this. Please feel free to contact me.



Discord User Name

Public Discord:




October Progress Report and Update!

Hey everyone!

I hope all of you have been staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. And if you have caught COVID-19, I wish you and any family members a speedy and safe recovery. Remember to wear your masks at all times to lessen the likely-hood of catching it or getting sick in general. At least until a vaccine is created.

I also want to throw a shout-out to some recent donators (brand-new and returning) from the last month or two, so please give a warm welcome to the following individuals ^_^

Charles B.
Dink D.
and finally ‘-‘

Before I continue on with today’s topics, thank you all so much for your contribution toward the game. I know it may seem like not a lot is going on with it at the moment because of the ‘temporary haitus’ but big things are coming and an entirely new revamped engine is on the way too which should be available for all platforms ((more on that below)). For the time being, thank you for your interest in the game.

I hope it’s been proven to be entertaining and I hope it continues to inspire your generosity and patronage! Every little bit goes towards it’s development and supporting my family and I. For those who’ve continued their donations even through this quiet period. You will be rewarded. I promise 🙂 I have a lot of great ideas for the revamp and new engine!

Oh and before I get to it, I wanted to apologize for the website “” being down for a day or two (October 8th-9th), apparently their was a glitch on the Namecheap side and it was affected the SSL of my website, making it appear unsafe. Thankfully, that problem has been resolved. All is back to normal.


So if you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past couple of months/year, you’d know that Apocamorphosis is getting a new engine here pretty soon. If you didn’t know, Apocamorphosis is getting a new engine here pretty soon. Hah! 😛

It’s very different from Quest but the coding for it will be “similiar” for my benefit. I say similiar but it does mean as I transfer the game over to the new engine some things will inevitably need to be re-coded (Quest is pretty outdated for one and two, I don’t think the new engine is XML based). Not to mention, over the last year I’ve been mulling over a lot regarding the presentation of the game and how I went about a few things. So I’d want to change up one or two minor things here and there, especially with the way transformation items work. During all of this, I will be getting a crash course about how to code any of the new changes since it’ll be a similar language but not exact in places.

So then, in addition, the new engine allows the game to be played via a browser — so it will no longer be Windows only (which is really really cool because I hated excluding people from the experience). The save system will FINALLY work as well. So after two or three years of broken saves you’ll no longer have to struggle with it.

The engine was slated to be released at the end of Summer but unfortunately, real life got in the way for both I and the programmer and we needed to push the completion date back to the mid-end of November. So that’ll make for a wonderful birthday present!

Alright, now onto the nitty-gritty.

As I mentioned, I’ve been mulling over some ideas over the past year while the game has been in limbo and I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. I’m definitely going to be reducing the amount of races that the player can become (23 currently). Mostly because in the lore in the game, some of them wouldn’t/don’t make sense. This is the new list of planned races though…

OLD (23)
dark elf

NEW (13-ish)
hu-cow (from cow-taur)
centaur (game-over only more than likely)
high-demon (from afflictions — see below).

But I’ll be adding some AFFLICTIONS/CURSES that you can get under different circumstances throughout the game.

1) Vampirism (player will randomly grow fangs and lose health until they drink a humanoid’s blood)
2) Lyncatrophy (12 nights the player will go through the painful process of transforming into a wolf; they will appear in a completely different section of the current map)
3) Doll (from morning to afternoon; player will become a supernaturally beautiful doll and become unable to move or speak). Enemies can move the player during these times)
4) Demon (be able to transform at will into a demon but each time they do, some part of them remains demonic; like horns remaining etc. At the end, they become a high-demon. This can happen through sex too.)
5) Rabbit’s Foot (possibly leading to a rabbit transformation who knows!)
6) Possession/Haunted (whether acute or persistent; player can be possessed by any manner of ghost if their willpower isn’t strong enough. Player sometimes does something against their will like moving forward instead of back. Allowing enemies to hit them without fighting back. Wasting supplies etc).
7) Futa (see below…)

More to come on that. If you can think of others, let me know ^_^

This isn’t concrete and I’ll likely be deciding this via the poll below but I’ve been mulling over making a female-only protagonist. Not only will this allow me to create content faster since I won’t have to make a male and female version but it’ll allow me to finally start on a character creator using my personal art (or if I can find a cheap enough artist, I can ask them). This will allow you to see all the planned races and transformations and clothing for each of them as well. I also write female’s better for one reason or another and given ALL of the male-only protagonist games it might be a good idea to stand out. With this being said, ‘futa’ would finally become a thing since it would no longer be ‘gender-locked’.

Like, I said, I’ll see what you guys think via a poll and go from there but I’m positive I might move in this direction simply because it would be so much faster.

I’ve been looking over the Patron Tier Rewards as of late and honestly, I don’t feel satisfied with them. I’m a person that prefers simplicity and the set-up for the rewards is just a little too difficult-to-follow and understand. So I think I’m going to change the way rewards work once the new engine is complete. My idea is, you will gain access to voting-polls and special posts with a $1 donation (once the new engine is out), the newest version of the game for $3 donations (same as it currently is) and then $5 will grant you access to every single cheat-code the game has to offer (essentially unlocking them ALL for you, forever).

I plan to do this by giving everyone a unique unlock code (and if it gets stolen or put in public forums, I can just pull that code away and then possibly put a temporary ban or perma-ban on those that use it without authorization). I believe this is fair for the people who are/did actually pay for the codes rather than someone who just decides to steal that access. Let me know what you guys think about that though.

But yeah, my plan is to streamline all the rewards into one lump cheat-menu both to simplify and to avoid confusion. This includes all future cheats that I might add to the game later on. Current donators of the game when the cheat-engine is released (or those who’ve donated over $30 life-time will also receive a very special reward which I will reveal once I’ve thought of it for loyalty and all that ^_^ especially during this difficult time. It’s also because I feel like those people trust me to deliver and didn’t need to be convinced to stay.

And last but not least, to make finding the game easier, I’ve decided to go with a different title too (with ‘the Apocamorphosis’ as a sub-title). I won’t reveal what I’m going with yet but I already have a pretty good idea—which is at the center of the game’s conflict and the means of which I’m telling the story. I know that’s a bit cryptic, haha but I think you guys will find that the new title is a lot easier to search for xD

That’s it for the time being! If you have ANY questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in any way that’s convenient for you; email, twitter, patron, the website, etc.

And as always, thank you all very much for your time!


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