Engine Update + Moving Forward

Everything is fine!

Hello, everyone!

Long time no see!

Before jumping into things and explaining what’s ahead on the horizon, I believe I owe a lot of people recognition for not only their dedication and continued support but also their donations over the past year. I’m not sure if all of these patrons are still actively donating or not, but either way, they still deserve recognition for supporting me and other creator’s whose content has inspired and entertained them.

Also, holy moly that year went by fast! @_@

With that said, I want to use the beginning of this the new year to create a new precedent of making smaller update posts, instead of the massive explanations I used to give from time to time about new mechanics and all that. So hopefully you have that to look forward to, haha!

Patron Thank You
Let’s kick start things right with my sincere gratitude to the following individuals/users…

Mitch T.
Phil K.
Sean B.
Zanna C.
Gabriel B.
Paul R.
Dwayne H.
鱼 咸
Holy Knight

Mattis L.
Ethan R.
Lucas C.
Drew H.
Alex R.
Edward G.
Matt J.
Barry R.
Tim B.

And remember, if any of you would like your current codes for the tiers in the current version of the game that you’ve unlocked, just send me a message and I’ll get them to you as quickly as possible ^_^
Haitus Explanation
I guess, I have some explaining to do. But honestly, at the same time there is nothing really to say. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least, there wasn’t until now.

For the past year, I’ve been waiting for the new engine to be developed. The programmer in-charge of it and I have extensively talked and discussed what I’m looking for. During that time one or two prototypes were created from scratch but in the end, after numerous bugs and problems, we decided to switch it over to Unity. Unity will be what the next version of the game is released on and should be available for all platforms.

I apologize about that year of quiet as well, but honestly, there was nothing to really show or discuss, and I didn’t want people getting impatient with all the shifts and changes being made to the engine. Hell, I know how it was because that’s how I was feeling throughout; irritated, frustration, stir-crazy etc.

While all of that was happening. I was being proactive in the creation of the game, it’s future and doing my best to learn C#. I’ve also been refining my art and learning how to do layers so I can create a viable character viewer window. So all the things I discussed in the last post are still the priorities. Nothing about that has changed.

And now onto the…

Good News
Apocamorphosis — now called “Auvora” is FINALLY back in active development. The engine prototype, albeit a very plain and unimpressive looking prototype, has been developed far enough along that I can start programming for it again. Hurrah! If you’re curious about the “Apocamorphosis” title, it will be used in-game. So don’t worry!

However, I have to say that you guys will not see anything playable for a long while. I will be posting updates and showcases and that kind of thing pretty frequently, and will let you all know what I’m developing as I create it. I’ll also be making polls. But I don’t want to release the game until I have the following fully fleshed out and as bug free:

* Mechanics fleshed out.
* The character viewer, Help Guide, and character creator completed
* Section 1 (the new area) completed
* Section 2 (the caravan, alternate paths and the Withered Snag) completed

So there is a lot of work to be done and I’d like to get started on it. If you guys have any questions about any of this, I will be happy to share it as long as it doesn’t involve spoilers for anything. ^_^ So ask anything you want. I should be making a poll sometime this week, I hope, regarding the character viewer and the angle you would like to see your character from.

Here are a couple of samples of art and layers for outfits and apppearances I’ve been experimenting with…

This will be similar to how I envision the character viewer 🙂


January Update: Game Title, Poll Results, Patreon Changes, News and Character Viewer, Updated Stringlists and More!

Hey everyone ^_^

Before getting started with all the announcements, I want to acknowledge and thank all of my patrons from the bottom of my heart for this year of support, which has been especially trying for some of you because of the pandemic and lack of financial resources.

I also want to thank all the newcomers and those who continue to return to offer their support. Please give a warm and sincere welcome to the following supporters who have pledged since the last update:

Anthony X.
Caden P.
Lobster with Knives
Dave Y.
and finally, Daniel (who gave a very generous donation).

Thank you all SO much for being there for me and taking this project under your wing. And thanks to all the returning patrons who believe in this project. You guys really do make working on the game extremely fun and rewarding.

Now onto the announcements.

Here’s the moment some of you have been waiting for (since I mentioned it in the October update). The game is getting a new title to signify the coming of the new engine and all the new changes which I’ve already been working on…

drum roll

and the new title is….


with the subtitle of “The Apocamorphosis” but searching for Auvora should lead you straight to the new game with the new engine when I release it.

“But Anonynn, why Auvora? That seems so random.”

Auvora is actually the name of the last surviving continent on the Planet which the game takes place on. After thinking about it for sometime, I think Auvora is at the center of this conflict and basically what’s at stake; it’s also the lens from whcih the player experiences everything through.

It feels appropriate and the subtitle can change depending on what part of the game you’re currently experiencing. In the beginning, ‘the Apocamorphosis‘ is the center crisis of the story (as well as the underlying conflict throughout the rest of the story) but as you go through the game, that focus may change.

For example, in Lord of the Rings, you have the opening focus, ‘The Fellowship of the Ring‘ which is about the team’s trials and tribulations with the underlying war with Sauron always being present. But eventually that team splits and the focus becomes ‘The Two Towers‘ and so on.

So that’s the idea. Auvora is the new name. The Apocamorphosis is the subtitle for the first couple of areas before the player really gets into the meat of the story (depending on what path they choose to take).

Let me know what you think!

On the Female Protagonist Poll way back in October, having a female protagonist for the game won in a huge land-slide, so all the male content will be shifted into that of a ‘futa-female‘ which is now an affliction that can be received in the game (entirely by choice).

The major reason for this change is that focusing on one gender during writing will help me write faster (instead of writing 8 scenarios per scene, I only have to write 4). In addition, regarding the character viewer, I can only draw women so I don’t have to pay anyone to do it. This is one of my latest drawings…

I do all the drawing on paper and then scan and color in Paint Tool Sai v1.0. It’s not the most sophisticated program but the results aren’t bad. So you can expect something of this quality in the character viewer but I’ll talk more on that soon.

So yes, the game will now feature a Female Only Protagonist ^_^

The other October Poll I took was whether the idea I had for the new Patreon/PayPal Rewards was worth going for. And again, a land-slide victory went toward making those changes a permanent fixture. I’ll be setting those up very soon. If you’re unaware. This is what the new reward system will be…

You will gain access to voting-polls and special posts with a $1 donation (once the new engine is out), the newest version of the game for $3 donations (same as it currently is) and then $5 will grant you access to every single cheat-code the game has to offer (essentially unlocking them ALL for you, forever).

I plan to do this by giving everyone a unique unlock code (and if it gets stolen or put in public forums, I can just pull that code away and then possibly put a temporary ban or perma-ban on those that use it without authorization). I believe this is fair for the people who are/did actually pay for the codes rather than someone who just decides to steal that access.

I think reducing all the costs is only fair to the player base since 1. The pandemic is making everyone’s lives hell, 2. You guys deserve to be treated better after all the Patreon-scams happening from other artists/writers and 3. I just like ya and feel it’s more fair!

So expect the Patreon shifts in the next week or so or hopefully even sooner than that. ^_^

I don’t know much about character viewers other than what I’ve seen other games do. I know I need a body base. I’m thinking this one will be the main base….
since it gives a clear view of the character’s body shape, face and clothing. I may have the arm lowered as well. But you can expect this from the colored version…
Keep in mind, this piece is a little old as my style has slightly changed and I’ve improved in my Paint Took skillz, so it’ll be a better quality than this.

What do you guys think of this? Should I use this pose? Something more fun? Keep in mind it SHOULD do it’s best to show the player their clothing and character so crazy angles might not be best for that.

In any case, I’ve already started on several renditions from the black and white base and will have more to post on that soon.

Going along with the Character Viewer, I also went through the entire game’s previous stringlists and narrowed ALL categories down to more simplified interpretations. This will allow more noticable changes to the character as the game goes on (all of which are entirely optional). Here are some of them (note I cannot post them all as the list is 215 lines and 5k words)……

vampirism = player will randomly grow fangs and lose health until they drink a humanoid or enemies blood; vampire hunters will track you. Some NPCs will attack or run from you. Eyecolor changes to red.

lyncatrophy = at night the player may go through the painful process of transforming into a humanoid wolf; they will appear in a completely different section of the current map upon waking. Player might also attract the attention of hunters. Player’s intelligence will decrease with each transformation until they are unable to resist it.

doll = from morning to afternoon; player will become a supernaturally beautiful doll and become unable to move or speak. Enemies can move the player during these times or violate them if sexy or sarcastic mood dominant. Player cannot get pregnant from this process.

demon = be able to transform at will into a demon but each time they do, some part of them remains demonic; like horns remaining etc. At the end, they become a high-demon. This can happen through sex too upon achieving orgasm.

rabbit’s foot = player’s agility greatly increases; might possibly leading to a rabbit transformation as well who knows!

possession/haunted = whether acute or persistent; player can be possessed by any manner of ghost if their resist isn’t strong enough. Player sometimes does something against their will like moving forward instead of backward. Might also allow enemies to hit them without fighting back. Wasting supplies etc.

futa = player has a penis that has a chance of knocking up NPCs they sleep with. Lesbian NPCs will reject the player however. Sex scenes change. Double the libido/estrus count.

bimbo = player’s intelligence drops to 0 or 1. Libido/estrus triples. Sexy dominant mood locks. Resist can help the player refuse sex. Pregnancy speeds up; body changes double breast, butt and hipsize. Chance to turn hair platinum blonde as well. Bimbo talk. Player slowly transforms into a bimbo with body proportions.

light brown
dark brown
transparent green = goo race only
transparent blue = goo race only
purple = demon/high demon affliction
red = demon/high demon affliction
blue = demon/high demon affliction
green = goblin and alaraune race only
light green = goblin and alaraune race only


And so on. Hope you guys are excited for these!

Around November or so, the programmer working on the new engine (some of you might have gotten to speak with him on Discord) had to take a brief holiday but he returned in December for a short-time, proposed a huge coding re-write of the engine and is now back again in January to continue/finish everything up.

A massive rewrite of the code occurred (as mentioned) which will allow us to make changes easier without breaking the entire engine. But the rewrite is done and we’re moving to implement simple things again like opening and closing containers and using lights (both of which have had a massive overhaul from Quest). As these minor things are added, I’ll keep you all up-to-date but we’re getting to the point where I should be able to start transferring pieces of the game over and seeing what happens.

So this came to me the other day when I was reviewing the opening sequence. And it just didn’t make any sense to me why the player is forcibly exiled from the caravan (as a larger group would be safer to travel in), in spite of the reasoning given in-game.

I thought that this small section needs to be elaborated on and instead of having an artificial reasoning, it needed a more concrete story element for the separation. I figured the player could spend 3 nights with the caravan that span over several weeks. So Day 1 meeting everyone. Day 2 (several weeks later) more interactions. Day 3 (even more time later and the separation from the group). So you can look forward to that and more interactions with those characters if you’ve enjoyed them. The rest of the game will open as normal with a couple of changes to things here and there.
That’s about it for this update on the game. If you have ANY questions at all for any of this. Please feel free to contact me.




Discord User Name

Public Discord:




October Progress Report and Update!

Hey everyone!

I hope all of you have been staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. And if you have caught COVID-19, I wish you and any family members a speedy and safe recovery. Remember to wear your masks at all times to lessen the likely-hood of catching it or getting sick in general. At least until a vaccine is created.

I also want to throw a shout-out to some recent donators (brand-new and returning) from the last month or two, so please give a warm welcome to the following individuals ^_^

Charles B.
Dink D.
and finally ‘-‘

Before I continue on with today’s topics, thank you all so much for your contribution toward the game. I know it may seem like not a lot is going on with it at the moment because of the ‘temporary haitus’ but big things are coming and an entirely new revamped engine is on the way too which should be available for all platforms ((more on that below)). For the time being, thank you for your interest in the game.

I hope it’s been proven to be entertaining and I hope it continues to inspire your generosity and patronage! Every little bit goes towards it’s development and supporting my family and I. For those who’ve continued their donations even through this quiet period. You will be rewarded. I promise 🙂 I have a lot of great ideas for the revamp and new engine!

Oh and before I get to it, I wanted to apologize for the website “www.txtams.com” being down for a day or two (October 8th-9th), apparently their was a glitch on the Namecheap side and it was affected the SSL of my website, making it appear unsafe. Thankfully, that problem has been resolved. All is back to normal.


So if you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past couple of months/year, you’d know that Apocamorphosis is getting a new engine here pretty soon. If you didn’t know, Apocamorphosis is getting a new engine here pretty soon. Hah! 😛

It’s very different from Quest but the coding for it will be “similiar” for my benefit. I say similiar but it does mean as I transfer the game over to the new engine some things will inevitably need to be re-coded (Quest is pretty outdated for one and two, I don’t think the new engine is XML based). Not to mention, over the last year I’ve been mulling over a lot regarding the presentation of the game and how I went about a few things. So I’d want to change up one or two minor things here and there, especially with the way transformation items work. During all of this, I will be getting a crash course about how to code any of the new changes since it’ll be a similar language but not exact in places.

So then, in addition, the new engine allows the game to be played via a browser — so it will no longer be Windows only (which is really really cool because I hated excluding people from the experience). The save system will FINALLY work as well. So after two or three years of broken saves you’ll no longer have to struggle with it.

The engine was slated to be released at the end of Summer but unfortunately, real life got in the way for both I and the programmer and we needed to push the completion date back to the mid-end of November. So that’ll make for a wonderful birthday present!

Alright, now onto the nitty-gritty.

As I mentioned, I’ve been mulling over some ideas over the past year while the game has been in limbo and I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. I’m definitely going to be reducing the amount of races that the player can become (23 currently). Mostly because in the lore in the game, some of them wouldn’t/don’t make sense. This is the new list of planned races though…

OLD (23)
dark elf

NEW (13-ish)
hu-cow (from cow-taur)
centaur (game-over only more than likely)
high-demon (from afflictions — see below).

But I’ll be adding some AFFLICTIONS/CURSES that you can get under different circumstances throughout the game.

1) Vampirism (player will randomly grow fangs and lose health until they drink a humanoid’s blood)
2) Lyncatrophy (12 nights the player will go through the painful process of transforming into a wolf; they will appear in a completely different section of the current map)
3) Doll (from morning to afternoon; player will become a supernaturally beautiful doll and become unable to move or speak). Enemies can move the player during these times)
4) Demon (be able to transform at will into a demon but each time they do, some part of them remains demonic; like horns remaining etc. At the end, they become a high-demon. This can happen through sex too.)
5) Rabbit’s Foot (possibly leading to a rabbit transformation who knows!)
6) Possession/Haunted (whether acute or persistent; player can be possessed by any manner of ghost if their willpower isn’t strong enough. Player sometimes does something against their will like moving forward instead of back. Allowing enemies to hit them without fighting back. Wasting supplies etc).
7) Futa (see below…)

More to come on that. If you can think of others, let me know ^_^

This isn’t concrete and I’ll likely be deciding this via the poll below but I’ve been mulling over making a female-only protagonist. Not only will this allow me to create content faster since I won’t have to make a male and female version but it’ll allow me to finally start on a character creator using my personal art (or if I can find a cheap enough artist, I can ask them). This will allow you to see all the planned races and transformations and clothing for each of them as well. I also write female’s better for one reason or another and given ALL of the male-only protagonist games it might be a good idea to stand out. With this being said, ‘futa’ would finally become a thing since it would no longer be ‘gender-locked’.

Like, I said, I’ll see what you guys think via a poll and go from there but I’m positive I might move in this direction simply because it would be so much faster.

I’ve been looking over the Patron Tier Rewards as of late and honestly, I don’t feel satisfied with them. I’m a person that prefers simplicity and the set-up for the rewards is just a little too difficult-to-follow and understand. So I think I’m going to change the way rewards work once the new engine is complete. My idea is, you will gain access to voting-polls and special posts with a $1 donation (once the new engine is out), the newest version of the game for $3 donations (same as it currently is) and then $5 will grant you access to every single cheat-code the game has to offer (essentially unlocking them ALL for you, forever).

I plan to do this by giving everyone a unique unlock code (and if it gets stolen or put in public forums, I can just pull that code away and then possibly put a temporary ban or perma-ban on those that use it without authorization). I believe this is fair for the people who are/did actually pay for the codes rather than someone who just decides to steal that access. Let me know what you guys think about that though.

But yeah, my plan is to streamline all the rewards into one lump cheat-menu both to simplify and to avoid confusion. This includes all future cheats that I might add to the game later on. Current donators of the game when the cheat-engine is released (or those who’ve donated over $30 life-time will also receive a very special reward which I will reveal once I’ve thought of it for loyalty and all that ^_^ especially during this difficult time. It’s also because I feel like those people trust me to deliver and didn’t need to be convinced to stay.

And last but not least, to make finding the game easier, I’ve decided to go with a different title too (with ‘the Apocamorphosis’ as a sub-title). I won’t reveal what I’m going with yet but I already have a pretty good idea—which is at the center of the game’s conflict and the means of which I’m telling the story. I know that’s a bit cryptic, haha but I think you guys will find that the new title is a lot easier to search for xD

That’s it for the time being! If you have ANY questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in any way that’s convenient for you; email, twitter, patron, the website, etc.

And as always, thank you all very much for your time!


Please check out the polls here!



Checking In And News!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well, especially with Covid running rampant across the world. Make sure you are staying safe and taking all the necessary precautions to keep you and your family’s safe ^_^

Before getting started with the check-in and the news, I first wanted to thank all the new patrons who have joined over the last two months! So please say hello to the following individuals…
Tom W.
Brendan G.
Avix V.

Clayton D.R.
Wither Sans
and finally, Ben

Thank you so much for your generous donations toward the development of my games and my little company-thing, Adventure and Mischief Studios! It’s patronage like yours that help keep us indie-devs afloat so that we can continue bringing you original and quality content!

I also would like to thank those of you have been sticking through these quieter times of development while the new engine is being created. You’ve helped support my family and I, as well as all the work I’ve been doing and all the work the new engine creator has been doing. So I just wanted to take a moment and remind you all that you are very appreciated and hopefully all the waiting will be worth it.

I do apologize for not checking-in a little sooner than this but honestly, there’s been nothing substantial to report, at least until now. The new engine for Apocamorphosis is about half-way through development with most of the harder-to-code systems already in place. This means the easier, more fun aspects lie ahead and of course polishing and testing once the prototype is ready.

Keep in mind, Apocamorphosis will be moving away from Quest and into a more browser-based setting; meaning it’ll be more light-weight, will support more functions and be available for every operating system.

During all of this, I’ve been tossing around ideas to herald the rebirth of the game, such as a semi-new title and a lot of other things I’ve been meaning to focus on when I was originally finishing the remaster. I’ve also been tossing around other ideas that I’ll likely make into a couple of polls that I think all of you will be interested in. I would certainly love some feedback with those when the time comes.

In addition, I’ve been working on several scenes while the engine is being developed. New sex scenes have been written, I’m currently working on the new events and the directions the player can go at the very beginning of the game. Of course, nothing has been coded or expanded on outside of the general writing because the coding for the engine will be slightly different. Notes are being made though so I’ll know what to do when the time comes. I plan on remastering the rest of the items as well during this time so that when the new engine is released you’ll have a ton of new content to explore. I’m hoping to have at least ten of the first fifteen encounters finished (currently working on 2 atm) but if I can get a good pace going there might be more (some are longer than others though with more in-depth choices to be made)!

That’s really about it. I’m still working on writing those scenes and remastering items while the engine designer is slaving away at bringing the engine and it’s UI to life. We’ve hit about the half-way point now and hope to have a working prototype ready by the end of summer. You know the old saying though… “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” — or if you’re more familiar with the modern translations: “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” meaning no matter many dead-lines are set. I can’t promise or guarantee exact figures or dates. It’s coming though! ^_^


Good News!

Hey everyone!

I apologize about the lack of posts lately. I just haven’t had anything major to report in the last couple of months with either AMS Studios or Apocamorphosis itself. But that has finally changed! I hope you find the following news something wonderful to look forward to.

Keep in mind though, I have a lot to say and a lot to explain. So if you aren’t interested in hearing what got us to this point, just skip to the GOOD NEWS section.

Before I get into that though, I have a lot of new and old patrons to thank for their donations during this moderate haitus. Thank you very much to these individuals listed below!

Tyler C.
Herman K.
Paul R.
Kayleigh B.
Cecil K.
Ronnie M

and Jonah

And thank you all for your continued support and donations during these hard times! My family and I greatly appreciate you and hope to find a way to pay back all this wonderful generosity in the next coming months 🙂

Now then. The last you guys heard I was going through a bit of a funk/depression. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself since I had to stop writing on Quest which ultimately halted Apocamorphosis’ production. I just kind of felt like I lost a big piece of myself and my focus when I had to take a break.

As many of you know, during all of this I was trying to go a couple of different routes; most of which ended with little to no results to say the least. Here are some of the greatest hits:

1) 4 programmers that took about 2 months+ to find or who had directly asked to work on the Save System for Apocamorphosis—all bailed or flaked out after a few weeks. Some never even got started but led me to believe they were working.

So that sucked.

2) One of the main programmers for Quest mentioned (several months before all this started) that he was working on a new Save System for Quest which would change the way the games saved and thus would solve Apocamorphosis’ save problems.

Several months of procrastination later, he mentioned he finally got to work on it and was making a lot of progress. I decide, hey, he’s finally working on it and he’s provided a page dedicated to the system. Great news, right? I thought so too. So I kept working figuring it would be an easy fix.

Unfortunately, he ran into several issues and problems that hindered a lot of his progress and then he lost a huge chunk of work when his computer crashed. Well, a couple of months later after finding out all of this, he basically mentioned that it could be several more months—possibly a year or more before he’d even be able to have a working prototype for me to test.

I finally decide…to hell with Quest. If they can’t spare enough man power to create a working save system, then the engine wasn’t worth my time and energy. Apocamorphosis deserved much better and I felt my patrons and supports did too. SO — long story short. I just….stopped.

The problem was if I kept working in Quest—none of the issues with the save system would ever be solved and I would just keep getting deeper and deeper into the game with no solution in sight. I was tired of fighting Quest. So Apocamorphosis production stopped.

3) To fill these new gaps of time, I decided to look for a new engine to transfer Apocamorphosis into which ultimately boiled down to Inform 7 and Unity. Both are respectable engines and both seemed like reliable candidates to continue Apocamorphosis on so I started getting my feet wet by creating mini-games and seeing which of the two was the most compatiable with the style of coding I’d grown accustomed to.

Needless to say, I poured a lot of energy into creating SPACE OPERA 2320 but I wasn’t super pleased with the result. Sure, it’s a challenging game and has some fun action in it—-but that was it. That was pretty much all I learned how to do after several months of coding in it.

I just couldn’t make it more interesting than that.

It also didn’t fill my Apocamorphosis void.

After that, I shifted my attention to Inform 7 and began learning that next. It only took a month/month 1/2 though before I decided that the engine was far too strange and way out of my comfort levels to program in. It was also very difficult to find help in. But hey, the engine itself seems solid and I can recommend it as a learning tool for creating text adventures. If you’re interested. Give it a shot. http://inform7.com/ <– You can download it here.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re a champion….or used to my long rants/spleels. Either way, you’re about to be rewarded for your efforts. This has all led to my GOOD NEWS.

GOOD NEWS *trumpets*:
So what’s been new, you ask? Well, about a month and a half ago, I actually went and hired someone to design a brand new engine for Apocamorphosis from scratch using Quest as a basis for the coding. The cool thing is that this engine will allow the game to be played via any browser for any operating system which means the game will no longer be limited to Windows only and it will have a reliable save system.

Not only that, but it will also have an updated UI, updated inventory interface; something more sleek and streamline but will be coded very similarly to Quest behind the scenes which means it won’t take too long to transfer the game over to the new engine once it’s fully completed.

The bad news about this is that I currently do not have a timeline of when the engine will be completed. I have a rough estimate, maybe 2-3 months but it could turn out to be a little more or a little less.

So while this programmer is designing the engine and working on the tweaks, I’ve begun writing for the game again. Currently, I’m writing transformations items and remastering all the regular items so that when the engine is ready to go and the game is transferred over, I’ll be able to focus on looking forward and increasing content with every update.

That’s where we are at though. I’ll show you a preview of what we have so far but keep in mind this is about a month old and the final product will not look like this. It’s just simplified for the time being to get the basic framework in.

Pretty wild, huh? So yeah, that’s what we have to look forward to. I also have a lot of ideas about the interface and hopefully it won’t be too much trouble to implement them >:) But should really help bring the world of the game to life! Bwahaha! Not spoiling anything else though.

That’s pretty much it for this post. I’ll be staying in better contact and will report when I have something meaningful to say or something substantial to tell you guys. There is another updated version of the video above coming to me soon and if I’m feeling generous I’ll share ^_~ hehe

As always, if you guys have any questions or concerns please feel free to voice them and I’ll be happy to get back to you.


News and Progress Report

Hey everyone,

I apologize about the radio silence as of late.

I’m guess I’m going through a bit of a funk or maybe it’s depression or something. Actually, this is my third attempt to write a message to update you all on what’s been going on and the status of AMS and such. Luckily, I have good news and meh news. Stick around for more information 😛

First off, I haven’t been working much on “The Symbol” after I finished the character examine screen and some other minor code in it that had to do with aesthetics. Truth is…my heart just doesn’t feel invested in Inform 7 and the engine itself feels incredibly clunky to me. Sure, it’s somewhat intuitive (maybe) but I feel like trying to code anything in it is a constant struggle. Ugh.

This was the meh news. Now onto the good!

Now onto the good news!

After wallowing in depression for a while or just general loathing for my failures. I decided to make better use of my time.

I’m not really one to let myself be defeated but sometimes things do get the better of me and I become stagnant…..but only for a while. Afterward, I get determined and angry to fix any problems plaguing me and begin to do so one at a time.

So here we are. I’m not saying things are officially moving forward yet but the good news I wanted to share is that…YES. I am still moving forward with Apocamorphosis and I still am moving away from the abomination of Quest.

It’s left me pretty bitter. But I had an idea and wanted to share. I officially hired some programmers about three or four days ago who are currently working on a customized engine for Apocamorphosis (and any other game I decide to created). The code will be based around the existing code of Quest but with updated programming, aesthetics and the capacity to save.

The best part about this is that since I’m basing the programming around Quest, I may not have a lot of trouble transferring it over to the new engine. Yes, naturally I’ll probably have to recode SOME stuff in it but it should prove to be a very smooth transition once the engine is completed. I’ll keep you guys up-to-date on that.

What you can take away from this is Apocamorphosis is NOT dead and neither am I. I’ve just been trying to find a means to bring the game to a better engine and I hopefully have found a custom one that will allow me to do a lot more like I originally planned 🙂

To those new people who have donated and not heard from me, I truly apologize but depression can be a real bitch to deal with and though I saw the emails, I haven’t really had the heart to reply to those people. Hopefully, that will start to turn around once I rise up out of this and start focusing again on game development. I’ve just felt so empty since being forced to halt AMS.

To those who’ve continued their donations. I really appreciate it. You have no idea how much you’ve been helping me push through this. Hopefully with the development of the new engine your continued support will be rewarded.


PS – If you have ANY questions about anything going on with me or the game in general or you just want to chat, please feel free to send me messages. I’ll be happy to respond.

Progress Report!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to provide a quick status report for where I am in terms of development projects etc and what is coming in the immediate future ^_^ .

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m developing an adult microgame called, “The Symbol” which is a superhero/sim-life sort of adventure on Inform 7.

This is to help me get familiar with Inform as an engine and then I’ll decide if it’s the right engine to port Apocamorphosis over to. But honestly, so far it’s a big no! LOL. I’m going to keep working on it though and see if things get easier.

The Symbol
Anyway, the game will be about balancing your life between superhero work and normal life. You’ll be able to have a family if you choose, give up on hero work altogether or only go out very intermittently, meet up with friends or lovers, work with other superheroes or eventually become a villain. It’ll have straight, bi or lesbian romances or you’ll have the option of staying single.

The game isn’t planned to be super description heavy like Apocamorphosis so it should be fast to write and to create new scenes and scene variations for as well.

I plan to have the first version ready by the end of this month or the beginning of next.

I’m also trying my hand at a side-scroller Unity game that will be released for mobile called “Momentum”. I don’t want to release any details about it or anything yet but hopefully you’ll see it in the future 🙂 I’ll give more details once the game is further in development.

That’s pretty much it for the time being 🙂 As always if you have any questions let me know.

I also would like to thank those who are donating to the Studio so that I can continue developing games during Apocamorphosis’ haitus.


Space Opera 2320v.10 Download

Hey all!

So this is my first Unity game and my first FPS game.

It’s a bit rough around the edges and challenging but should prove to be somewhat entertaining for 30-40 minutes, I think (for a first time playthrough). If you have trouble with it, let me know and I’ll do my best to offer advice or help 🙂 I should have a trailer for it coming soon!

Also, try to ignore the floor glitch (you can see through it sometimes but you won’t notice after a bit). I think what happened is the assets got broken or destroyed when I was tinkering around and I did my best to rebuild them with my limited knowledge of Unity code.

My Recommendations:
1) Put on a kickass playlist.
2) Be patient and focus!

Also, there are…2 major hidden areas with lots of Health. If you can find them, let me know ^_^

I plan on releasing another Unity game in the near future. It might be Space Opera 2320v2.0 OR it could be another game from a different genre altogether like a side-scroller or racing game. I haven’t decided. I think I want another crack at an FPS game though to be honest 🙂

I’m also working on Inform 7 by going through some tutorials and should be at least starting my new game “The Symbol” in a couple of weeks or less (I’m actually itching to start). Hopefully, it’ll give me enough experience to start transferring Apocamorphosis if that’s the engine I choose to use.

For now! I hope you enjoy Space Opera 2320! You can find the synopsis on the main page of the game or on the main page of Patreon.



Game News, Page News, New News!

Hey everyone!

I’m more or less back now officially, I think.

I’ll explain below to clear up anything that might have been lost in translation or glossed over because it was the holiday season and everyone was likely exhausted or dealing with a lot of emotional stuff.

As you may have read in my last post, the guy working on the new “Quest Save System” had yet another setback. Not really his fault, he’s just dealing with a lot of complicated coding that was half-assed built with fixes over fixes over fixes. Frankly, he predicted another couple of months to half-a-year to get it into testing.

I’m not waiting for that. I’m done waiting. I’m done crossing my fingers in hope that something will come along. All of you and myself included, deserve better.

So, I’m completely done with Quest and abandoning the platform entirely until they can get their shit together. This basically means I’m moving Apocamorphosis over to another, more reliable and established platform. I’m thinking either Unity or Inform 7.

Now because I don’t know Unity coding or how Inform works, I’ve been delving into them both little by little over the past month or so.

My plan is to create 1 or 2 small microgames in both platforms so that I can get more familiar with these engines before I decide which one I want to port Apocamorphosis to.

My first Unity microgame is basically completed. It’s a 20-30 minute first person shooter (FPS) that is a bit rough around the edges but challenging. It’s called ‘SPACE OPERA 2320‘ v1.0.

I want to release v1.0 in the next few days on Patreon for $3+ patreons (same cost as Apocamorphosis).

Please keep an eye out for it and let me know what you think of it.
I’ve also mostly planned out my first Inform 7 microgame which is an adult/fantasy superhero/lifesim story called, ‘The Symbol‘. It won’t have epic/vast descriptions or anything like that since I’m just making it to get acquainted with Inform but it will have varied gameplay; a couple of nifty mechanics regarding corruption, sex, pregnancy, family, as well as managing ordinary life vs hero life work.

It should be a fun experience!

Am I done with Apocamorphosis? Not in the least. It’s still my baby and I have so much fun working on it. However, I’m not going to work on it, or update it again until I decide between Inform or Unity. The reason being is there will be less to port over to a new engine if I stop here and resume once it’s fully ported.

I’ll let you guys know the moment I begin porting it over though since I’ll likely have finished by 2-3 microgames and will know enough about the engines to begin the process.

Because I’m expanding Adventure and Mischief Studios to encompass more than just Apocamorphosis and that all these games will be available for Player’s to pick up at anytime, I’m probably going to change around how the pages and the website look so that ALL of the IP’s get equal attention.

Just wanted to give a heads-up about that.

I think that’s about it…If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me as per the usual ways! I’m still around, still designing games and should be back to Apocamorphosis the moment I know one of the other systems well enough to port it. It shouldn’t take long once the process is started!


Update AMSv0.35B BETA, New Patrons, Important News

Hey all!

I apologize about the delay.

I was supposed to have this update ready by the 15-16th but ran into a couple of errors at the last minute that I wanted to sort out.

If I didn’t fix them it would have made the update pointless seeing as it was coming from the major system I’ve been working on which was rendering it unusable xD But anyway! 99% of them have been dealt with so let’s do this!

First off, I would like to dedicate this update to the following individuals who helped support the game this month and my family as well.

Nathan H.
Bradie F.
Tyler C.

Thank you guys so much for your donations. It’s greatly appreciated! As I always say, if any of you out there need to talk to me about the game or anything else in general, especially around the holiday season, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

There are a myriad of sources on the front page of the Patreon Page to do so from — so just check that out if you are interested in speaking with me. Plus, I like when fans of the game stop and say hi ^_^

1) Art
So I finally heard back from my background/character artist, Alexis Rillera. Apparently, she just got a little burned out with all the commissions she does, so she needed to take a couple of months off. But now she’s back and working on the next picture of Freya (and Nieva) from the Caravan. Yay! I was very glad to hear she was alright! ^_^

I’m also going to start commissioning lewd art in terms of like giving birth, groping etc as well.

2) Save System
As you all know there is a NEW SAVE SYSTEM being developed for Quest — the need of which was originally inspired by Apocamorphosis. You can follow the conversation HERE.

Unfortunately, the programmer’s computer crashed and he lost some data but said that he should have something usable soon as nothing super vital was lost. I interpret this as he might not have anything ready for another couple of weeks. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong.

In any case, the new save system is coming but I have no ETA on when. Soon, is all I know.

3) Unity
Because of this setback however, I’ve decided to start officially trying to learn UNITY in an attempt to eventually rebuild AMS. Obviously, I have no experience with this, so immediately transferring Apocamorphosis over to Unity would be laughable since it’s entirely different structure altogether.

BUT I’m going to try making a couple of simple games here and there—some text, some not just to get my feet wet in the program and to follow some tutorials. As I create these little games, I will share them.

This ultimately means that the “AMS Programming” series I was going to start will be put on a temporary haitus as all my free time away from building the game will be playing around in Unity and learning to code in it. ((Which kind of sucks since I had Episode 2 nearly complete but priorities are priorities)).

3 1/2) Unity Cont.
The reasoning behind wanting to learn Unity is that it IS a more reliable program than Quest is and is made for big complex games. My is 110k lines of code so far and over 1.8 million words and I’ve barely scratched the surface of Chapter 2. The game is only going to get bigger—and simply put, Quest wasn’t made for a game that size.

For now, I can keep breaking it into separated libraries which reduce the stain on the system itself while I learn Unity and eventually I’ll have enough knowledge to slowly transfer pieces of the game over to the other system so when I end one, the new one will pick up right where I left off. Pretty nice plan, huh?

So don’t go abandoning Quest yet or thinking this transition will be instantaneous. It’ll take months and months of learning Unity before I can even begin transferring files and libraries over 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll be continuing like normal and developing the game for Quest. I just wanted you guys to know what the plan was.

UPDATE ===========
Before I post the changelog — I may have done something a little sneaky…and I really apologize but I needed to do it because it’s been bugging the hell out of me for some time now. For the past couple of updates, if you’ve noticed I’ve been rebuilding different facets of the game; interface, systems therein and so on to make them more intuitive, more simple to use and actually completed…

Instead of remastering the items like I was supposed to be doing (and don’t worry I WILL get to that), I instead worked on Entice. I rebuilt and reprogrammed 1/3 of the new Entice v2.0 system and I’m happy to say, it’s finally usable in the game against every enemy (to an extent). It’s explained further in the changelog. But yeah. This section I’m releasing is roughly, 15-20k words.

However, keep in mind this is a very, very rough build for Entice as I’m still in the middle of fixing errors and adjusting the scripts so they aren’t so gigantic. I also already know about this error… {gender this:yada yada yada} <— it will be fixed soon so please don’t report it to me, hahaa.

But that should be the extent of the major problems. That was actually the reason for the delay in this update; three very major problems were wrong and I didn’t want to release the beta of Entice with it working so wonky. ^_~

Anyway, details about it are in the changelog — and they are a doozie, so check it out and let me know what you think!


Game Expansion
Event: “Robbery” has been mostly written but is not coded into the game yet.

I’ve begun writing for another Event called “Cabin”. This event is at the beginning stages of description and therefore isn’t coded into the game yet.

Entice Part 1 of 3 is officially in the game. Check out the Combat Section below.

Bug Fixes/Changes
The Help Guide has received another revamp. The changes are listed below.
All sections now have a recall that brings them back to the Help Guide main menu once they are finished reading a selected passage.
The Blog website has been replaced with the http://www.txtams.com website.
The Questing System v1.5 section has been renamed to Quest Log v1.5.
The Quests section has been removed and combined with the Quest Log v1.5 selection. A new menu has been added as well. Several passages have also been rewritten within it.
The Useful Commands section had been completely redone and simplified and reorganized as well.
The entire Help Guide has been moved to it’s own function to reduce the strain put on Quest when loading it’s huge code.
The entire Help Guide has been reorganized for easier searches. It now appears in the following order:
Changing Font Size
Searching Rooms
Useful Commands
Stat Guide
Skill Guide
Mood Guide
Combat Guide
Player Status Conditions
Difficulty Modes
Save System
Bad Ends
Weather-Seasons-Time of Day-Location
Crafting System
Quest Log v1.5
Relationship System v3.0
Player Titles
Premade Characters
Special Thanks

I fixed an absolute myriad of problems occuring with the new Entice; spelling problems, brackets problems, code errors and much, much more. I also fixed Function errors regarding it, menu problems and ‘this’ problems. Needless to say, it was a friggin nightmare to fix and recode but totally worth the time and energy I put into it.

I have written and coded Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks, including successful hit and miss variations. Both also have some minor variations within the scripting as well for variety. Male and Female Zombies also can no longer “Entice” the Player either since I imagine that would take a conscious mind to set out to accomplish and all the Zombies want to do is kill and sex you. Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks are also slightly different between Males and Females.
Female Zombies, Special Attacks can do about 1 to 4 damage and Male Zombies, Special Attacks can do about 2 to 5 damage. Females have a 25% chance to also cause a Sick Status Condition as well and Males have a 35% to cause a Sick Status Condition.
Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks start with a 100% success rate. You can lower this success rate with the following attributes.
41 to 50 Agility – 100%
31 to 40 Agility – 80%
21 to 30 Agility – 60%
11 to 20 Agility – 40%
1 to 10 Agility – 20%
The Skill Tree Perk, “Ghost” will also reduce this chance by -5%
The Background, “Guardsman” will further reduce the chance by -5%

Entice is now officially in the game (at least one/third of it). Yay! Here are the details!
I completely gutted the old system so now this is Entice v2.0. I removed all of the old code and all the systems associated with it as well and rebuilt everything from the ground up. Essentially, there are two major pieces involving the new system.
1) Building Lust
2) Having Sex
What this means is both the Player and MOST enemy’s have a Lust counter. Enemies for the Halloween event, “Hallow’s Shroud” for example, cannot be Enticed and cannot Entice the Player in return. The same goes for the Pale Abomination. The exception to this is that Zombie enemies CAN be Enticed but cannot Entice the Player in return (because gross)! This means there are three types of enemies…
1) Unable to Be Enticed/Unable to Entice
2) Able to be Enticed/Unable to Entice
3) Able to be Enticed/Can Entice the Player.
As mentioned, both Enemies and the Player have a Lust Counter. If the Lust Counter is ‘9 or under’ the game will take the Player’s Gender and the Enemy’s Sexuality into Account. An Enemy can be Straight, Bi or Homosexual. This will determine how much Lust they build with your Entice, if any. Upon Enticing an Enemy 1 of 4 scenarios will occur, each with three variations per Lust Level 1-4 or 5-9 for a total of 6. Each of these 6 variations are also different depending on the Player’s Gender so 12 different scenarios with numerous variables in each.
The major focus of each scenario is listed below.
Scenario 1 (50%)
Butt Focus.

Scenario 2 (33%)
Breast/Peck Focus

Scenario 3 (25%)
Facial Focus

Scenario 4 (everytime the rest don’t proc)
Genital/Body Focus

w/ these variables:
Butt Size
Lip Size
Breast Size
Hip Size
Facial Femininity/Masculinity
Hair Length
And several combinations of each.

If the Entice scenario SUCCEEDS and you meet the Sexuality requirements of the Enemy you’re trying to Entice, how much Lust they build is based on the following factors:
Random Lust Gain: +1, 2 or 3
If Player Lust is 5+: 50% chance +1 Extra Lust.
Charm Skill 4-7: +1 Extra Lust
Charm Skill 8-10: +2 Extra Lust
Player Title, Wellendowed: +1 Extra Lust
Player Title, Alphamale: +1 Extra Lust
Player Title, Bewitched: +1 Extra Lust
You also have a 50% chance to proc +1, 2 or 3 Player Lust as well. If you have any Resist it will negate the effect however at the cost of -1 Resist.

If a Scenario FAILS by not meeting the Sexuality requirements of an Enemy you’re trying to Entice, you will recieve between 1 to 3 damage.

If the Player uses Entice while an Enemy’s Lust is 10 and they succeed, they will be presented with two options.
1) Have Sex
2) Attack
Attack Choice: The Player will attack the opponent for 3x times the normal damage. This can miss but will be able to repeat the action until they land a hit for the same effect. After that, the Player loses the ability to Entice that Enemy again and if they are still alive their Lust returns to 0.
Have Sex: The Player is presented with a new menu containing 8 choices. These are next on my Entice to-do list and are NOT COMPLETE. They will have at least 2 variations for each Player Gender.
“Take Them From Behind”
“Take Them On All Fours”
“Take Them On Their Back”
“Move Onto Your Back”
“Let Your Mind Wander”
“Use A Toy”
“Play With Their Nipples”
“Stop Having Sex”
Each of these will have the chance to increase the Player’s Lust until it reaches 10 and then the Player will climax. The Player will have a chance to impregnate enemies as well or be impregnated by enemies. More choices may come in the future as well but I want these as starters.

Some Enemies that fall into category 3 (Able to Entice the Player) will have a Special Ability that can raise the Player’s Lust depending on their Dominant Mood and Orientation. If the Player’s Lust reaches 10 and the opponent uses this Special Ability, they have a chance to have sex with the Player. You will be allowed to Resist their advances (and you will SUCCEED if you have any Resist (at the cost of -1 or -2 Resist)) otherwise, resistance will be based on a number of factors. More on this once I get to it.

Remember if you attack an Enemy — you lose the ability to Entice them for the rest of the fight.

The Shortification Elixir has begun it’s remaster/recode. I’ve already rewritten the main description and have gotten it ready for complete remastering/recoding.

The following items now have their skeleton coding finished and are usuable (excluding the Intelliga). All I have to do is write their basic descriptions and the body modification scenes themselves and these items will be finished.
Buttavica – Butt Size Increase
Buttminish – Butt Size Decrease
Hip Grow Plus – Hip Size Increase
Hipishrinkten – Hip Size Decrease
Mammarize – Breast Size Decrease
Lipkin – Lip Size Decrease
Intelliga – Intelligence Increase
I should have more simple stat increase/decrease items coming along soon along with all that. I want one for Strength, Agility, Maximum Health, Maximum Carry, Resist and so on. Unfortunately, they’ll be made by the company: “I Can’t Believe It’s Magic!” instead of “Like Magic!” — so they’ll be detriments/debuffs to taking them.

I’ve added a new Submit Verb to Enemies. The effects change depending on your Dominant Mood. For Sympathy/Serious Dominant Moods the Player will refuse to give up. For Sexy/Sympathy Dominant Moods, the Player takes damage x3 for one turn and instantly gains +10 Lust. It will also bring the Player to the Enemy Dominating scripts once they are written (soon). For now, it only causes the above status’ to occur.

Event 3: The Robbery
Summary: As you trudge through the forest, you suddenly hear a call for help. Could this possibly be a trap, or perhaps a person in distress? Depending on several variables you can investigate this scene or ignore it entirely. Will you report it to the guards later on? Or will you leave the person or people to their fate? Be careful because danger lurks around every corner.