August Update: Engine Status, Game Development, What’s Coming Up!

Hey all!

As usual, before getting started, I would like to introduce and thank the following patron’s for their very generous donations over the last few months. I also want to thank all of you who’ve stuck with me through this development in spite of having very little to show for it so far. That takes a lot of faith and I promise it will be rewarded!

I would also like to apologize for the lack of update information for the past couple of months but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Now then onto the show! Thank you very, very much to the following individuals for their amazing donations!

Jojo Golden Wind
Alpha Stigma
Anthony E.
Dwayne H.

You guys rock! In fact, everyone has been very supportive and incredible during this entire process so far. It’s really kept me going, even on those days where it felt like nothing was getting accomplished.

Thank you all for being my rock. I hope I will make it worth your while.

Radio Silence:
So where have I been for the past few months you ask?? Well, just sitting here writing and working to be honest. Keep in mind, there really wasn’t anything major to report until a couple of days ago. In the meantime, I’ve just been knocking out some of the art for the game, sketching stuff for later, writing descriptions and more or less trying to figure out what all the priorities are as they come up.

This kind of silence will become less and less frequent in the next month or so simply because I’ll finally be at a point where I’ll be keeping a changelog for the development! Pretty nifty, huh :D? More on that later though.

If you want to keep up with what I’m working on in real time though check out the game’s Discord as I’ve been reporting to it every couple of hours and days letting people know what I’m working on when I’m working on it. I even created a brand new channel whose sole purpose is to announce development news.

Engine Status:
And now onto the main reason for this post! I would like to announce that the first major iteration of the engine is finally complete. The engine isn’t quite ready to go yet because we’re working out bugs now, and I need to add a couple of additional features to it but for the most part, I can start using it to develop the game (although I’m not going to until I know it’s 100%). However, I’m very excited because it’ll make working on the game SO MUCH EASIER.

The ETA for the additional features and engine completion is by the middle or end of this month depending on how smoothly it goes. After that, all game production will be moved into the engine. I’ll likely announce that when it happens, so keep an eye out.

In addition, the main GUI for the player is getting fully implemented this month as well as the character viewer and all the other technical details. I predict by this time next month, official development will be in full swing.

It’s about time too!

Game Development:
So what I have been working on? Well, the boring parts of the game that you guys probably don’t care much about. But they are the foundations. And without foundations, everything falls apart. After working on Apocamorphosis, I learned what not to do and how not to plan out things. So this time, I’m taking the smart approach. I’m laying all the foundation work first and then moving onto the more fun story-telling aspects of the game.

Lately, I’ve been working on the art; the vampire affliction/transformation art, the character viewer (up until a few weeks ago. I finished the initial art I wanted for the first release), the werewolf affliction/transformation art, the skill-tree art, and writing all the NPCs descriptions and all the building descriptions inside and out.

You might think doing something like writing NPC descriptions is easy, but it takes a lot of effort and concentration to fully describe an individual and to make them all sound uniquely different with each individual having their own personalities and quirks. It’s the same for buildings throughout the town. I want them to feel fully realized and alive so-to-speak. I want the player to be able to see the town as a living breathing entity. I have a lot of fun ideas to help it feel that way too! I can’t wait to announce them!

The idea though is I want to fully finish the town and NPC descriptions, and then fill the shops that need filling, program all the little quirks and systems into the game for that area and then I’ll expand outside of the town and start the process over.

That way, when you go to play it, there isn’t a big chunk of the game just barren and incomplete (I find that very immersion breaking myself).

Each area will be fully realized before it’s released (or at least to a point where there will be enough to do to keep you occupied). And trust me, there will be A LOT to do.

Coming Up This Month:
Skill Tree Art
Continued Town/NPC Descriptions
Engine Final Touches
Title Screen/Character Creation Implmentation
Player GUI Implemention
Last Vampire Affliction Transformation Art
Starting General Sex Art

As usual, if you have ANY questions about any of the game’s development or just questions for me in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me in the following ways:
AMS Website

Author: Anonynn

Apocamorphosis Official Page

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