October Progress Report and Update!

Hey everyone!

I hope all of you have been staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. And if you have caught COVID-19, I wish you and any family members a speedy and safe recovery. Remember to wear your masks at all times to lessen the likely-hood of catching it or getting sick in general. At least until a vaccine is created.

I also want to throw a shout-out to some recent donators (brand-new and returning) from the last month or two, so please give a warm welcome to the following individuals ^_^

Charles B.
Dink D.
and finally ‘-‘

Before I continue on with today’s topics, thank you all so much for your contribution toward the game. I know it may seem like not a lot is going on with it at the moment because of the ‘temporary haitus’ but big things are coming and an entirely new revamped engine is on the way too which should be available for all platforms ((more on that below)). For the time being, thank you for your interest in the game.

I hope it’s been proven to be entertaining and I hope it continues to inspire your generosity and patronage! Every little bit goes towards it’s development and supporting my family and I. For those who’ve continued their donations even through this quiet period. You will be rewarded. I promise 🙂 I have a lot of great ideas for the revamp and new engine!

Oh and before I get to it, I wanted to apologize for the website “www.txtams.com” being down for a day or two (October 8th-9th), apparently their was a glitch on the Namecheap side and it was affected the SSL of my website, making it appear unsafe. Thankfully, that problem has been resolved. All is back to normal.


So if you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past couple of months/year, you’d know that Apocamorphosis is getting a new engine here pretty soon. If you didn’t know, Apocamorphosis is getting a new engine here pretty soon. Hah! 😛

It’s very different from Quest but the coding for it will be “similiar” for my benefit. I say similiar but it does mean as I transfer the game over to the new engine some things will inevitably need to be re-coded (Quest is pretty outdated for one and two, I don’t think the new engine is XML based). Not to mention, over the last year I’ve been mulling over a lot regarding the presentation of the game and how I went about a few things. So I’d want to change up one or two minor things here and there, especially with the way transformation items work. During all of this, I will be getting a crash course about how to code any of the new changes since it’ll be a similar language but not exact in places.

So then, in addition, the new engine allows the game to be played via a browser — so it will no longer be Windows only (which is really really cool because I hated excluding people from the experience). The save system will FINALLY work as well. So after two or three years of broken saves you’ll no longer have to struggle with it.

The engine was slated to be released at the end of Summer but unfortunately, real life got in the way for both I and the programmer and we needed to push the completion date back to the mid-end of November. So that’ll make for a wonderful birthday present!

Alright, now onto the nitty-gritty.

As I mentioned, I’ve been mulling over some ideas over the past year while the game has been in limbo and I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. I’m definitely going to be reducing the amount of races that the player can become (23 currently). Mostly because in the lore in the game, some of them wouldn’t/don’t make sense. This is the new list of planned races though…

OLD (23)
dark elf

NEW (13-ish)
hu-cow (from cow-taur)
centaur (game-over only more than likely)
high-demon (from afflictions — see below).

But I’ll be adding some AFFLICTIONS/CURSES that you can get under different circumstances throughout the game.

1) Vampirism (player will randomly grow fangs and lose health until they drink a humanoid’s blood)
2) Lyncatrophy (12 nights the player will go through the painful process of transforming into a wolf; they will appear in a completely different section of the current map)
3) Doll (from morning to afternoon; player will become a supernaturally beautiful doll and become unable to move or speak). Enemies can move the player during these times)
4) Demon (be able to transform at will into a demon but each time they do, some part of them remains demonic; like horns remaining etc. At the end, they become a high-demon. This can happen through sex too.)
5) Rabbit’s Foot (possibly leading to a rabbit transformation who knows!)
6) Possession/Haunted (whether acute or persistent; player can be possessed by any manner of ghost if their willpower isn’t strong enough. Player sometimes does something against their will like moving forward instead of back. Allowing enemies to hit them without fighting back. Wasting supplies etc).
7) Futa (see below…)

More to come on that. If you can think of others, let me know ^_^

This isn’t concrete and I’ll likely be deciding this via the poll below but I’ve been mulling over making a female-only protagonist. Not only will this allow me to create content faster since I won’t have to make a male and female version but it’ll allow me to finally start on a character creator using my personal art (or if I can find a cheap enough artist, I can ask them). This will allow you to see all the planned races and transformations and clothing for each of them as well. I also write female’s better for one reason or another and given ALL of the male-only protagonist games it might be a good idea to stand out. With this being said, ‘futa’ would finally become a thing since it would no longer be ‘gender-locked’.

Like, I said, I’ll see what you guys think via a poll and go from there but I’m positive I might move in this direction simply because it would be so much faster.

I’ve been looking over the Patron Tier Rewards as of late and honestly, I don’t feel satisfied with them. I’m a person that prefers simplicity and the set-up for the rewards is just a little too difficult-to-follow and understand. So I think I’m going to change the way rewards work once the new engine is complete. My idea is, you will gain access to voting-polls and special posts with a $1 donation (once the new engine is out), the newest version of the game for $3 donations (same as it currently is) and then $5 will grant you access to every single cheat-code the game has to offer (essentially unlocking them ALL for you, forever).

I plan to do this by giving everyone a unique unlock code (and if it gets stolen or put in public forums, I can just pull that code away and then possibly put a temporary ban or perma-ban on those that use it without authorization). I believe this is fair for the people who are/did actually pay for the codes rather than someone who just decides to steal that access. Let me know what you guys think about that though.

But yeah, my plan is to streamline all the rewards into one lump cheat-menu both to simplify and to avoid confusion. This includes all future cheats that I might add to the game later on. Current donators of the game when the cheat-engine is released (or those who’ve donated over $30 life-time will also receive a very special reward which I will reveal once I’ve thought of it for loyalty and all that ^_^ especially during this difficult time. It’s also because I feel like those people trust me to deliver and didn’t need to be convinced to stay.

And last but not least, to make finding the game easier, I’ve decided to go with a different title too (with ‘the Apocamorphosis’ as a sub-title). I won’t reveal what I’m going with yet but I already have a pretty good idea—which is at the center of the game’s conflict and the means of which I’m telling the story. I know that’s a bit cryptic, haha but I think you guys will find that the new title is a lot easier to search for xD

That’s it for the time being! If you have ANY questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in any way that’s convenient for you; email, twitter, patron, the website, etc.

And as always, thank you all very much for your time!


Please check out the polls here!



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