Space Opera 2320

Music: Audiomachine-The Climb. Software: Filmora9

Synopsis: Year [XXXX]. Deep in the Vrai Sector on planet, [redacated], there is remote military installation conducting illegal testing research on a new super virus called, [redacted]. It’s purpose is to assess and then eliminate the consciousness of a new super AI program developed by Dr.Bishop Harrington. Or rather that’s what it was supposed to do. 48 hours ago communication with the installation ceased. The last transmission indicated that the machines have reacted to the super virus and have gone completely rogue; even attacking one another. You’re job is to infilitrate the facility and destroy all of the evidence…

Current Donator Version
SO2320 v1.0

(this is my very first micro-FPS on an engine I wasn’t familiar with. It should prove to be challenging. Just…ignore the floor glitch. e_e)