January Update: Game Title, Poll Results, Patreon Changes, News and Character Viewer, Updated Stringlists and More!

Hey everyone ^_^

Before getting started with all the announcements, I want to acknowledge and thank all of my patrons from the bottom of my heart for this year of support, which has been especially trying for some of you because of the pandemic and lack of financial resources.

I also want to thank all the newcomers and those who continue to return to offer their support. Please give a warm and sincere welcome to the following supporters who have pledged since the last update:

Anthony X.
Caden P.
Lobster with Knives
Dave Y.
and finally, Daniel (who gave a very generous donation).

Thank you all SO much for being there for me and taking this project under your wing. And thanks to all the returning patrons who believe in this project. You guys really do make working on the game extremely fun and rewarding.

Now onto the announcements.

Here’s the moment some of you have been waiting for (since I mentioned it in the October update). The game is getting a new title to signify the coming of the new engine and all the new changes which I’ve already been working on…

drum roll

and the new title is….


with the subtitle of “The Apocamorphosis” but searching for Auvora should lead you straight to the new game with the new engine when I release it.

“But Anonynn, why Auvora? That seems so random.”

Auvora is actually the name of the last surviving continent on the Planet which the game takes place on. After thinking about it for sometime, I think Auvora is at the center of this conflict and basically what’s at stake; it’s also the lens from whcih the player experiences everything through.

It feels appropriate and the subtitle can change depending on what part of the game you’re currently experiencing. In the beginning, ‘the Apocamorphosis‘ is the center crisis of the story (as well as the underlying conflict throughout the rest of the story) but as you go through the game, that focus may change.

For example, in Lord of the Rings, you have the opening focus, ‘The Fellowship of the Ring‘ which is about the team’s trials and tribulations with the underlying war with Sauron always being present. But eventually that team splits and the focus becomes ‘The Two Towers‘ and so on.

So that’s the idea. Auvora is the new name. The Apocamorphosis is the subtitle for the first couple of areas before the player really gets into the meat of the story (depending on what path they choose to take).

Let me know what you think!

On the Female Protagonist Poll way back in October, having a female protagonist for the game won in a huge land-slide, so all the male content will be shifted into that of a ‘futa-female‘ which is now an affliction that can be received in the game (entirely by choice).

The major reason for this change is that focusing on one gender during writing will help me write faster (instead of writing 8 scenarios per scene, I only have to write 4). In addition, regarding the character viewer, I can only draw women so I don’t have to pay anyone to do it. This is one of my latest drawings…

I do all the drawing on paper and then scan and color in Paint Tool Sai v1.0. It’s not the most sophisticated program but the results aren’t bad. So you can expect something of this quality in the character viewer but I’ll talk more on that soon.

So yes, the game will now feature a Female Only Protagonist ^_^

The other October Poll I took was whether the idea I had for the new Patreon/PayPal Rewards was worth going for. And again, a land-slide victory went toward making those changes a permanent fixture. I’ll be setting those up very soon. If you’re unaware. This is what the new reward system will be…

You will gain access to voting-polls and special posts with a $1 donation (once the new engine is out), the newest version of the game for $3 donations (same as it currently is) and then $5 will grant you access to every single cheat-code the game has to offer (essentially unlocking them ALL for you, forever).

I plan to do this by giving everyone a unique unlock code (and if it gets stolen or put in public forums, I can just pull that code away and then possibly put a temporary ban or perma-ban on those that use it without authorization). I believe this is fair for the people who are/did actually pay for the codes rather than someone who just decides to steal that access.

I think reducing all the costs is only fair to the player base since 1. The pandemic is making everyone’s lives hell, 2. You guys deserve to be treated better after all the Patreon-scams happening from other artists/writers and 3. I just like ya and feel it’s more fair!

So expect the Patreon shifts in the next week or so or hopefully even sooner than that. ^_^

I don’t know much about character viewers other than what I’ve seen other games do. I know I need a body base. I’m thinking this one will be the main base….
since it gives a clear view of the character’s body shape, face and clothing. I may have the arm lowered as well. But you can expect this from the colored version…
Keep in mind, this piece is a little old as my style has slightly changed and I’ve improved in my Paint Took skillz, so it’ll be a better quality than this.

What do you guys think of this? Should I use this pose? Something more fun? Keep in mind it SHOULD do it’s best to show the player their clothing and character so crazy angles might not be best for that.

In any case, I’ve already started on several renditions from the black and white base and will have more to post on that soon.

Going along with the Character Viewer, I also went through the entire game’s previous stringlists and narrowed ALL categories down to more simplified interpretations. This will allow more noticable changes to the character as the game goes on (all of which are entirely optional). Here are some of them (note I cannot post them all as the list is 215 lines and 5k words)……

vampirism = player will randomly grow fangs and lose health until they drink a humanoid or enemies blood; vampire hunters will track you. Some NPCs will attack or run from you. Eyecolor changes to red.

lyncatrophy = at night the player may go through the painful process of transforming into a humanoid wolf; they will appear in a completely different section of the current map upon waking. Player might also attract the attention of hunters. Player’s intelligence will decrease with each transformation until they are unable to resist it.

doll = from morning to afternoon; player will become a supernaturally beautiful doll and become unable to move or speak. Enemies can move the player during these times or violate them if sexy or sarcastic mood dominant. Player cannot get pregnant from this process.

demon = be able to transform at will into a demon but each time they do, some part of them remains demonic; like horns remaining etc. At the end, they become a high-demon. This can happen through sex too upon achieving orgasm.

rabbit’s foot = player’s agility greatly increases; might possibly leading to a rabbit transformation as well who knows!

possession/haunted = whether acute or persistent; player can be possessed by any manner of ghost if their resist isn’t strong enough. Player sometimes does something against their will like moving forward instead of backward. Might also allow enemies to hit them without fighting back. Wasting supplies etc.

futa = player has a penis that has a chance of knocking up NPCs they sleep with. Lesbian NPCs will reject the player however. Sex scenes change. Double the libido/estrus count.

bimbo = player’s intelligence drops to 0 or 1. Libido/estrus triples. Sexy dominant mood locks. Resist can help the player refuse sex. Pregnancy speeds up; body changes double breast, butt and hipsize. Chance to turn hair platinum blonde as well. Bimbo talk. Player slowly transforms into a bimbo with body proportions.

light brown
dark brown
transparent green = goo race only
transparent blue = goo race only
purple = demon/high demon affliction
red = demon/high demon affliction
blue = demon/high demon affliction
green = goblin and alaraune race only
light green = goblin and alaraune race only


And so on. Hope you guys are excited for these!

Around November or so, the programmer working on the new engine (some of you might have gotten to speak with him on Discord) had to take a brief holiday but he returned in December for a short-time, proposed a huge coding re-write of the engine and is now back again in January to continue/finish everything up.

A massive rewrite of the code occurred (as mentioned) which will allow us to make changes easier without breaking the entire engine. But the rewrite is done and we’re moving to implement simple things again like opening and closing containers and using lights (both of which have had a massive overhaul from Quest). As these minor things are added, I’ll keep you all up-to-date but we’re getting to the point where I should be able to start transferring pieces of the game over and seeing what happens.

So this came to me the other day when I was reviewing the opening sequence. And it just didn’t make any sense to me why the player is forcibly exiled from the caravan (as a larger group would be safer to travel in), in spite of the reasoning given in-game.

I thought that this small section needs to be elaborated on and instead of having an artificial reasoning, it needed a more concrete story element for the separation. I figured the player could spend 3 nights with the caravan that span over several weeks. So Day 1 meeting everyone. Day 2 (several weeks later) more interactions. Day 3 (even more time later and the separation from the group). So you can look forward to that and more interactions with those characters if you’ve enjoyed them. The rest of the game will open as normal with a couple of changes to things here and there.
That’s about it for this update on the game. If you have ANY questions at all for any of this. Please feel free to contact me.




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