‘Auvora’ February Update

Hey all!

Before jumping into things, I just want to acknowledge the donor this month.


Thank you so much for your very generous contribution toward the game! It’s very appreciated and helps support my family and I while I bust my booty on the new content! I hope you enjoyed playing through the old version ^_^

With that said, I know I promised I would start trying to reduce the length of these update discussions and in all honesty, I really want to. But I’ve been working on so much that I’ll be extremely hard pressed to live up to that promise @_@ .

A few things have been going on with the engine that I wanted to discuss ^_^ I will summarize below! (Woo!) Remember, if you have ANY questions at all about any of these summaries or topics, please feel free to contact me.

– The main programming for the engine is still underway but the skeleton and character creator are mostly finished, which means I can start working on things as I’ve mentioned before in January.

– I’ve hired a GUI/UI artist for the overall look of the game too; i.e the buttons and the main window. We have tossed around a kind of a nature-inspired UI idea.

– I have gotten back in touch with my background artist and the game’s original composer. And they seem very eager to return to the game which is great news for me! I’m excited to have them back.

– I am planning to have duel “music players”; the first will handle music which can be ‘paused/muted’ and ‘unpaused/unmuted’. The second player will handle sound effects which can also be ‘paused/muted’ and ‘unpaused/unmuted’. I hope this will help people pick and choose what they want to hear (if anything) as they experience the game. Sound effects annoying you? Mute them with a click. Music getting redundant? Mute that with a click as well! Very easy!

– The game will have a NSFW and SFW version which I can switch between with the click of a button. And both will be available to download when the first version is released. That way all audiences can enjoy the world and the setting.

Character Creator
– I’ve started adding the questions to the creator which takes roughly 45 minutes per question to completely program given all the variables, and that’s me moving at mach speed. Holy cow! There will be roughly 21 questions to start with which are divided between physical and moral. If more questions need to be added later, it can be done very easily 🙂

– I’ve also added all the attributes to the player object that will be relevant in-game, which means a far more intuitive experience for me to program and for the player to experience. Less bugs too! Again, I can always add more variables or less variables as needed.

– I have added roughly 30-60 answers to the questionaire than the original character creator had in the lastest version of ‘Apocamorphosis’. I hope this will help people create a more diverse character which fits their imagination better. I can always add more to it later on as well, especially if someone finds that their niche isn’t being represented properly! Choices in the creator will affect how Area 1 treats your character btw. Mwahahah! All of that has been planned out.

– I have 3 poses I want to share with you all and will create a poll for the standing picture of the creator (which gets updated live before your eyes as you go through the questionaire) and the player’s character throughout the game. So vote on your favorite and when all the votes are in. I will draw up and color all the attributes that will be associated with the player.

– I have mostly finalized all of the afflictions, transformations, body modifications and player attributes that will be available in the game. I won’t list them all here quite yet, but each affliction and state of being will have some special art dedicated to it as your character gets afflicted. Naturally, the standing pose of the character will reflect any changes you go through and clothing too. This should all be pretty easy once I know which pose to go with, so vote now!

New Area 1
– Once I finish implementing all of the character creator questions, I will move onto creating the skeleton of the new area, which is essentially acting as a double experience;
* a stand-alone, slice-of-life experience where you can work, have children, date, fulfill guild requests etc
* a leaping off point for the adventure found in ‘Apocamorphosis’ which I will be porting into ‘Auvora’ once this area is done.

This first new area has been 90% planned out. I have created about 12 Sections that contain a total of 72 major rooms, 40 regular jobs (so far), 12 Guild Jobs (for level 1 with 4 planned tiers in total), 1 dungeon and 56 townsfolk with an additional 32 that will be available for intimate relations. d(^_^d)

I’m approaching this in a systematic manner so the work won’t get overwhelming or too much to manage. Meaning, I’m creating the skeleton first, then all the room descriptions. Then the townsfolk and then all the dialogue. It shouldn’t be too difficult based on my experience with ‘Apocamorphosis’.

– I’ve currently completely the city map for the first area and the surrounding area map, including highlights when the player enters that section and fog which the player will automatically remove as they explore. When the game is released, I hope you guys enjoy those because they were a pain in the butt to create.

Future Plans
– Once I have the new area complete, I’ll be readding in the ‘Apocamorphosis’ adventure sections with updated mechanics and combat. I don’t think I have to write, or adjust anything in those in terms of description and very little with coding. ^_^

I think that’s technically it. I’m sure I’m missing something or didn’t talk about something that I meant to. But my brain is fried! So ….let me know if you have any questions about anything and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

You can contact via these ways below:






Have a wonderful day! Also! Don’t forget to vote on the character viewer!


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