Apocamorphosis (aka AMS) is a massive text adventure designed with Quest. It focuses heavily on RPG elements, character customization, transformation/modification, relationships, diverse characters, high-stakes adventure and travel, life or death combat and optional adult entertainment. I try to achieve all this through immersive, detailed writing/description and survival elements. The content can also be customized to fit the player’s style as well. It’s also written with a completely black background and easy to read font size/color so that you can play for extended periods of time.

The game also has a specialized but malleable Mood feature which changes the entire presentation of the game from top to bottom. There are four Moods; Sexy, Sympathy, Sarcasm, Serious which change depending on choices that the player’s make, ways the player responds to situations and clothing the player wears.

The game and the systems incorporated therein are a WIP and subject to change as the development continues.

Best of all, the game is FREE!
Supporters do gain benefits like codes that grant; items, stats, premade characters, warps and more! Check it out via the donation link above.