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Everything is fine!

Hello, everyone!

Long time no see!

Before jumping into things and explaining what’s ahead on the horizon, I believe I owe a lot of people recognition for not only their dedication and continued support but also their donations over the past year. I’m not sure if all of these patrons are still actively donating or not, but either way, they still deserve recognition for supporting me and other creator’s whose content has inspired and entertained them.

Also, holy moly that year went by fast! @_@

With that said, I want to use the beginning of this the new year to create a new precedent of making smaller update posts, instead of the massive explanations I used to give from time to time about new mechanics and all that. So hopefully you have that to look forward to, haha!

Patron Thank You
Let’s kick start things right with my sincere gratitude to the following individuals/users…

Mitch T.
Phil K.
Sean B.
Zanna C.
Gabriel B.
Paul R.
Dwayne H.
鱼 咸
Holy Knight

Mattis L.
Ethan R.
Lucas C.
Drew H.
Alex R.
Edward G.
Matt J.
Barry R.
Tim B.

And remember, if any of you would like your current codes for the tiers in the current version of the game that you’ve unlocked, just send me a message and I’ll get them to you as quickly as possible ^_^
Haitus Explanation
I guess, I have some explaining to do. But honestly, at the same time there is nothing really to say. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least, there wasn’t until now.

For the past year, I’ve been waiting for the new engine to be developed. The programmer in-charge of it and I have extensively talked and discussed what I’m looking for. During that time one or two prototypes were created from scratch but in the end, after numerous bugs and problems, we decided to switch it over to Unity. Unity will be what the next version of the game is released on and should be available for all platforms.

I apologize about that year of quiet as well, but honestly, there was nothing to really show or discuss, and I didn’t want people getting impatient with all the shifts and changes being made to the engine. Hell, I know how it was because that’s how I was feeling throughout; irritated, frustration, stir-crazy etc.

While all of that was happening. I was being proactive in the creation of the game, it’s future and doing my best to learn C#. I’ve also been refining my art and learning how to do layers so I can create a viable character viewer window. So all the things I discussed in the last post are still the priorities. Nothing about that has changed.

And now onto the…

Good News
Apocamorphosis — now called “Auvora” is FINALLY back in active development. The engine prototype, albeit a very plain and unimpressive looking prototype, has been developed far enough along that I can start programming for it again. Hurrah! If you’re curious about the “Apocamorphosis” title, it will be used in-game. So don’t worry!

However, I have to say that you guys will not see anything playable for a long while. I will be posting updates and showcases and that kind of thing pretty frequently, and will let you all know what I’m developing as I create it. I’ll also be making polls. But I don’t want to release the game until I have the following fully fleshed out and as bug free:

* Mechanics fleshed out.
* The character viewer, Help Guide, and character creator completed
* Section 1 (the new area) completed
* Section 2 (the caravan, alternate paths and the Withered Snag) completed

So there is a lot of work to be done and I’d like to get started on it. If you guys have any questions about any of this, I will be happy to share it as long as it doesn’t involve spoilers for anything. ^_^ So ask anything you want. I should be making a poll sometime this week, I hope, regarding the character viewer and the angle you would like to see your character from.

Here are a couple of samples of art and layers for outfits and apppearances I’ve been experimenting with…

This will be similar to how I envision the character viewer 🙂


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