‘Auvora’ March Update and Poll Discussion

Hey all!

As usual, before I jump into things, I would like to recognize some individuals who have donated not only their time into Apocamorphosis, but also their money to fund ‘Auvora’s creation. So without further delay, thank you so much to the following individuals:
Classy Fish
Rob G.

and Himeko T.
and I would like to thank all of my donators for their continued support and patronage while I develop the new engine and the new area that will be introduced with it. You are all amazing! ^_^

Now, let’s jump into things!

Character Viewer Poll Results
Thank you for everyone who participated in this poll…


In the end, Pose 1 claimed victory with Pose 2 right behind it. However, because of how adamantly everyone was when casting their vote, I thought I would reward both parties by doing my best combine the two poses into one. I wasn’t expecting to do this, nor did I suspect that the results would be so close, but given the circumstances, I think it’s only fair! I hope this will satisfy both parties!

I will get started on this immediately.

Auvora GUI
Another matter I would like to announce is the brand new UI that I’ve had commissioned, and although what I’m going to show you isn’t the absolute final product, it will be a good idea or indication what the UI for the game will look like. Keep in mind, the set-up is inspired by Apocamorphosis’ but I don’t think ‘Auvora’ will share that arrangement.

The GUI is inspired by something my spouse and I agreed upon.

I hope you guys like the colors and the general theme overall ^_^ Just remember that the set-up/arrangement is most definitely going to change.

This was created by:

So hit him up on Discord if you would like to commission any work for yourselves.

General News
Work on the game continues! I’m mostly focused on the character creator right now and making sure everything is set-up just the way I want it. This includes coding the questions and answers, and making sure as you pick your choices that the results are clearly displayed. That way, you can glance at your stats and make decisions to balance or unbalance your character however you like.

I will also be providing the option to hide what choices gives you in terms of stats and another choice to hide what choices give you in terms of physical appearance. Further down the line, the master command that turns on and off NSFW content will affect the creator too and what options are available.

I’m on question 17 of 23-ish atm though and may add another question or two more by the end 🙂 Careful too! Some of the choices you make in the creator changes how some of the first area’s npcs will treat or regard you.

Creator Questions
I do have another poll I want to run by all of you in a couple days regarding how to set up the questions as well, or what you all would prefer I do. The options will be presenting the creator as: 1) a progressing story like how Apocamorphosis was, OR 2) grouping questions together depending on whether they are moral or physical questions; meaning all of the physical would be together and all of the moral questions would be together.

Start thinking about it ^_^ And I should be creating the poll soon!

Anyway! That’s it for the time being! If you guys have any questions or anything, please let me know! :D!


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