Update AMSv0.35B BETA, New Patrons, Important News

Hey all!

I apologize about the delay.

I was supposed to have this update ready by the 15-16th but ran into a couple of errors at the last minute that I wanted to sort out.

If I didn’t fix them it would have made the update pointless seeing as it was coming from the major system I’ve been working on which was rendering it unusable xD But anyway! 99% of them have been dealt with so let’s do this!

First off, I would like to dedicate this update to the following individuals who helped support the game this month and my family as well.

Nathan H.
Bradie F.
Tyler C.

Thank you guys so much for your donations. It’s greatly appreciated! As I always say, if any of you out there need to talk to me about the game or anything else in general, especially around the holiday season, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

There are a myriad of sources on the front page of the Patreon Page to do so from — so just check that out if you are interested in speaking with me. Plus, I like when fans of the game stop and say hi ^_^

1) Art
So I finally heard back from my background/character artist, Alexis Rillera. Apparently, she just got a little burned out with all the commissions she does, so she needed to take a couple of months off. But now she’s back and working on the next picture of Freya (and Nieva) from the Caravan. Yay! I was very glad to hear she was alright! ^_^

I’m also going to start commissioning lewd art in terms of like giving birth, groping etc as well.

2) Save System
As you all know there is a NEW SAVE SYSTEM being developed for Quest — the need of which was originally inspired by Apocamorphosis. You can follow the conversation HERE.

Unfortunately, the programmer’s computer crashed and he lost some data but said that he should have something usable soon as nothing super vital was lost. I interpret this as he might not have anything ready for another couple of weeks. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong.

In any case, the new save system is coming but I have no ETA on when. Soon, is all I know.

3) Unity
Because of this setback however, I’ve decided to start officially trying to learn UNITY in an attempt to eventually rebuild AMS. Obviously, I have no experience with this, so immediately transferring Apocamorphosis over to Unity would be laughable since it’s entirely different structure altogether.

BUT I’m going to try making a couple of simple games here and there—some text, some not just to get my feet wet in the program and to follow some tutorials. As I create these little games, I will share them.

This ultimately means that the “AMS Programming” series I was going to start will be put on a temporary haitus as all my free time away from building the game will be playing around in Unity and learning to code in it. ((Which kind of sucks since I had Episode 2 nearly complete but priorities are priorities)).

3 1/2) Unity Cont.
The reasoning behind wanting to learn Unity is that it IS a more reliable program than Quest is and is made for big complex games. My is 110k lines of code so far and over 1.8 million words and I’ve barely scratched the surface of Chapter 2. The game is only going to get bigger—and simply put, Quest wasn’t made for a game that size.

For now, I can keep breaking it into separated libraries which reduce the stain on the system itself while I learn Unity and eventually I’ll have enough knowledge to slowly transfer pieces of the game over to the other system so when I end one, the new one will pick up right where I left off. Pretty nice plan, huh?

So don’t go abandoning Quest yet or thinking this transition will be instantaneous. It’ll take months and months of learning Unity before I can even begin transferring files and libraries over 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll be continuing like normal and developing the game for Quest. I just wanted you guys to know what the plan was.

UPDATE ===========
Before I post the changelog — I may have done something a little sneaky…and I really apologize but I needed to do it because it’s been bugging the hell out of me for some time now. For the past couple of updates, if you’ve noticed I’ve been rebuilding different facets of the game; interface, systems therein and so on to make them more intuitive, more simple to use and actually completed…

Instead of remastering the items like I was supposed to be doing (and don’t worry I WILL get to that), I instead worked on Entice. I rebuilt and reprogrammed 1/3 of the new Entice v2.0 system and I’m happy to say, it’s finally usable in the game against every enemy (to an extent). It’s explained further in the changelog. But yeah. This section I’m releasing is roughly, 15-20k words.

However, keep in mind this is a very, very rough build for Entice as I’m still in the middle of fixing errors and adjusting the scripts so they aren’t so gigantic. I also already know about this error… {gender this:yada yada yada} <— it will be fixed soon so please don’t report it to me, hahaa.

But that should be the extent of the major problems. That was actually the reason for the delay in this update; three very major problems were wrong and I didn’t want to release the beta of Entice with it working so wonky. ^_~

Anyway, details about it are in the changelog — and they are a doozie, so check it out and let me know what you think!


Game Expansion
Event: “Robbery” has been mostly written but is not coded into the game yet.

I’ve begun writing for another Event called “Cabin”. This event is at the beginning stages of description and therefore isn’t coded into the game yet.

Entice Part 1 of 3 is officially in the game. Check out the Combat Section below.

Bug Fixes/Changes
The Help Guide has received another revamp. The changes are listed below.
All sections now have a recall that brings them back to the Help Guide main menu once they are finished reading a selected passage.
The Blog website has been replaced with the http://www.txtams.com website.
The Questing System v1.5 section has been renamed to Quest Log v1.5.
The Quests section has been removed and combined with the Quest Log v1.5 selection. A new menu has been added as well. Several passages have also been rewritten within it.
The Useful Commands section had been completely redone and simplified and reorganized as well.
The entire Help Guide has been moved to it’s own function to reduce the strain put on Quest when loading it’s huge code.
The entire Help Guide has been reorganized for easier searches. It now appears in the following order:
Changing Font Size
Searching Rooms
Useful Commands
Stat Guide
Skill Guide
Mood Guide
Combat Guide
Player Status Conditions
Difficulty Modes
Save System
Bad Ends
Weather-Seasons-Time of Day-Location
Crafting System
Quest Log v1.5
Relationship System v3.0
Player Titles
Premade Characters
Special Thanks

I fixed an absolute myriad of problems occuring with the new Entice; spelling problems, brackets problems, code errors and much, much more. I also fixed Function errors regarding it, menu problems and ‘this’ problems. Needless to say, it was a friggin nightmare to fix and recode but totally worth the time and energy I put into it.

I have written and coded Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks, including successful hit and miss variations. Both also have some minor variations within the scripting as well for variety. Male and Female Zombies also can no longer “Entice” the Player either since I imagine that would take a conscious mind to set out to accomplish and all the Zombies want to do is kill and sex you. Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks are also slightly different between Males and Females.
Female Zombies, Special Attacks can do about 1 to 4 damage and Male Zombies, Special Attacks can do about 2 to 5 damage. Females have a 25% chance to also cause a Sick Status Condition as well and Males have a 35% to cause a Sick Status Condition.
Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks start with a 100% success rate. You can lower this success rate with the following attributes.
41 to 50 Agility – 100%
31 to 40 Agility – 80%
21 to 30 Agility – 60%
11 to 20 Agility – 40%
1 to 10 Agility – 20%
The Skill Tree Perk, “Ghost” will also reduce this chance by -5%
The Background, “Guardsman” will further reduce the chance by -5%

Entice is now officially in the game (at least one/third of it). Yay! Here are the details!
I completely gutted the old system so now this is Entice v2.0. I removed all of the old code and all the systems associated with it as well and rebuilt everything from the ground up. Essentially, there are two major pieces involving the new system.
1) Building Lust
2) Having Sex
What this means is both the Player and MOST enemy’s have a Lust counter. Enemies for the Halloween event, “Hallow’s Shroud” for example, cannot be Enticed and cannot Entice the Player in return. The same goes for the Pale Abomination. The exception to this is that Zombie enemies CAN be Enticed but cannot Entice the Player in return (because gross)! This means there are three types of enemies…
1) Unable to Be Enticed/Unable to Entice
2) Able to be Enticed/Unable to Entice
3) Able to be Enticed/Can Entice the Player.
As mentioned, both Enemies and the Player have a Lust Counter. If the Lust Counter is ‘9 or under’ the game will take the Player’s Gender and the Enemy’s Sexuality into Account. An Enemy can be Straight, Bi or Homosexual. This will determine how much Lust they build with your Entice, if any. Upon Enticing an Enemy 1 of 4 scenarios will occur, each with three variations per Lust Level 1-4 or 5-9 for a total of 6. Each of these 6 variations are also different depending on the Player’s Gender so 12 different scenarios with numerous variables in each.
The major focus of each scenario is listed below.
Scenario 1 (50%)
Butt Focus.

Scenario 2 (33%)
Breast/Peck Focus

Scenario 3 (25%)
Facial Focus

Scenario 4 (everytime the rest don’t proc)
Genital/Body Focus

w/ these variables:
Butt Size
Lip Size
Breast Size
Hip Size
Facial Femininity/Masculinity
Hair Length
And several combinations of each.

If the Entice scenario SUCCEEDS and you meet the Sexuality requirements of the Enemy you’re trying to Entice, how much Lust they build is based on the following factors:
Random Lust Gain: +1, 2 or 3
If Player Lust is 5+: 50% chance +1 Extra Lust.
Charm Skill 4-7: +1 Extra Lust
Charm Skill 8-10: +2 Extra Lust
Player Title, Wellendowed: +1 Extra Lust
Player Title, Alphamale: +1 Extra Lust
Player Title, Bewitched: +1 Extra Lust
You also have a 50% chance to proc +1, 2 or 3 Player Lust as well. If you have any Resist it will negate the effect however at the cost of -1 Resist.

If a Scenario FAILS by not meeting the Sexuality requirements of an Enemy you’re trying to Entice, you will recieve between 1 to 3 damage.

If the Player uses Entice while an Enemy’s Lust is 10 and they succeed, they will be presented with two options.
1) Have Sex
2) Attack
Attack Choice: The Player will attack the opponent for 3x times the normal damage. This can miss but will be able to repeat the action until they land a hit for the same effect. After that, the Player loses the ability to Entice that Enemy again and if they are still alive their Lust returns to 0.
Have Sex: The Player is presented with a new menu containing 8 choices. These are next on my Entice to-do list and are NOT COMPLETE. They will have at least 2 variations for each Player Gender.
“Take Them From Behind”
“Take Them On All Fours”
“Take Them On Their Back”
“Move Onto Your Back”
“Let Your Mind Wander”
“Use A Toy”
“Play With Their Nipples”
“Stop Having Sex”
Each of these will have the chance to increase the Player’s Lust until it reaches 10 and then the Player will climax. The Player will have a chance to impregnate enemies as well or be impregnated by enemies. More choices may come in the future as well but I want these as starters.

Some Enemies that fall into category 3 (Able to Entice the Player) will have a Special Ability that can raise the Player’s Lust depending on their Dominant Mood and Orientation. If the Player’s Lust reaches 10 and the opponent uses this Special Ability, they have a chance to have sex with the Player. You will be allowed to Resist their advances (and you will SUCCEED if you have any Resist (at the cost of -1 or -2 Resist)) otherwise, resistance will be based on a number of factors. More on this once I get to it.

Remember if you attack an Enemy — you lose the ability to Entice them for the rest of the fight.

The Shortification Elixir has begun it’s remaster/recode. I’ve already rewritten the main description and have gotten it ready for complete remastering/recoding.

The following items now have their skeleton coding finished and are usuable (excluding the Intelliga). All I have to do is write their basic descriptions and the body modification scenes themselves and these items will be finished.
Buttavica – Butt Size Increase
Buttminish – Butt Size Decrease
Hip Grow Plus – Hip Size Increase
Hipishrinkten – Hip Size Decrease
Mammarize – Breast Size Decrease
Lipkin – Lip Size Decrease
Intelliga – Intelligence Increase
I should have more simple stat increase/decrease items coming along soon along with all that. I want one for Strength, Agility, Maximum Health, Maximum Carry, Resist and so on. Unfortunately, they’ll be made by the company: “I Can’t Believe It’s Magic!” instead of “Like Magic!” — so they’ll be detriments/debuffs to taking them.

I’ve added a new Submit Verb to Enemies. The effects change depending on your Dominant Mood. For Sympathy/Serious Dominant Moods the Player will refuse to give up. For Sexy/Sympathy Dominant Moods, the Player takes damage x3 for one turn and instantly gains +10 Lust. It will also bring the Player to the Enemy Dominating scripts once they are written (soon). For now, it only causes the above status’ to occur.

Event 3: The Robbery
Summary: As you trudge through the forest, you suddenly hear a call for help. Could this possibly be a trap, or perhaps a person in distress? Depending on several variables you can investigate this scene or ignore it entirely. Will you report it to the guards later on? Or will you leave the person or people to their fate? Be careful because danger lurks around every corner.



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