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Hey everyone!

I’m more or less back now officially, I think.

I’ll explain below to clear up anything that might have been lost in translation or glossed over because it was the holiday season and everyone was likely exhausted or dealing with a lot of emotional stuff.

As you may have read in my last post, the guy working on the new “Quest Save System” had yet another setback. Not really his fault, he’s just dealing with a lot of complicated coding that was half-assed built with fixes over fixes over fixes. Frankly, he predicted another couple of months to half-a-year to get it into testing.

I’m not waiting for that. I’m done waiting. I’m done crossing my fingers in hope that something will come along. All of you and myself included, deserve better.

So, I’m completely done with Quest and abandoning the platform entirely until they can get their shit together. This basically means I’m moving Apocamorphosis over to another, more reliable and established platform. I’m thinking either Unity or Inform 7.

Now because I don’t know Unity coding or how Inform works, I’ve been delving into them both little by little over the past month or so.

My plan is to create 1 or 2 small microgames in both platforms so that I can get more familiar with these engines before I decide which one I want to port Apocamorphosis to.

My first Unity microgame is basically completed. It’s a 20-30 minute first person shooter (FPS) that is a bit rough around the edges but challenging. It’s called ‘SPACE OPERA 2320‘ v1.0.

I want to release v1.0 in the next few days on Patreon for $3+ patreons (same cost as Apocamorphosis).

Please keep an eye out for it and let me know what you think of it.
I’ve also mostly planned out my first Inform 7 microgame which is an adult/fantasy superhero/lifesim story called, ‘The Symbol‘. It won’t have epic/vast descriptions or anything like that since I’m just making it to get acquainted with Inform but it will have varied gameplay; a couple of nifty mechanics regarding corruption, sex, pregnancy, family, as well as managing ordinary life vs hero life work.

It should be a fun experience!

Am I done with Apocamorphosis? Not in the least. It’s still my baby and I have so much fun working on it. However, I’m not going to work on it, or update it again until I decide between Inform or Unity. The reason being is there will be less to port over to a new engine if I stop here and resume once it’s fully ported.

I’ll let you guys know the moment I begin porting it over though since I’ll likely have finished by 2-3 microgames and will know enough about the engines to begin the process.

Because I’m expanding Adventure and Mischief Studios to encompass more than just Apocamorphosis and that all these games will be available for Player’s to pick up at anytime, I’m probably going to change around how the pages and the website look so that ALL of the IP’s get equal attention.

Just wanted to give a heads-up about that.

I think that’s about it…If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me as per the usual ways! I’m still around, still designing games and should be back to Apocamorphosis the moment I know one of the other systems well enough to port it. It shouldn’t take long once the process is started!


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