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Hey everyone,

I apologize about the radio silence as of late.

I’m guess I’m going through a bit of a funk or maybe it’s depression or something. Actually, this is my third attempt to write a message to update you all on what’s been going on and the status of AMS and such. Luckily, I have good news and meh news. Stick around for more information 😛

First off, I haven’t been working much on “The Symbol” after I finished the character examine screen and some other minor code in it that had to do with aesthetics. Truth is…my heart just doesn’t feel invested in Inform 7 and the engine itself feels incredibly clunky to me. Sure, it’s somewhat intuitive (maybe) but I feel like trying to code anything in it is a constant struggle. Ugh.

This was the meh news. Now onto the good!

Now onto the good news!

After wallowing in depression for a while or just general loathing for my failures. I decided to make better use of my time.

I’m not really one to let myself be defeated but sometimes things do get the better of me and I become stagnant…..but only for a while. Afterward, I get determined and angry to fix any problems plaguing me and begin to do so one at a time.

So here we are. I’m not saying things are officially moving forward yet but the good news I wanted to share is that…YES. I am still moving forward with Apocamorphosis and I still am moving away from the abomination of Quest.

It’s left me pretty bitter. But I had an idea and wanted to share. I officially hired some programmers about three or four days ago who are currently working on a customized engine for Apocamorphosis (and any other game I decide to created). The code will be based around the existing code of Quest but with updated programming, aesthetics and the capacity to save.

The best part about this is that since I’m basing the programming around Quest, I may not have a lot of trouble transferring it over to the new engine. Yes, naturally I’ll probably have to recode SOME stuff in it but it should prove to be a very smooth transition once the engine is completed. I’ll keep you guys up-to-date on that.

What you can take away from this is Apocamorphosis is NOT dead and neither am I. I’ve just been trying to find a means to bring the game to a better engine and I hopefully have found a custom one that will allow me to do a lot more like I originally planned 🙂

To those new people who have donated and not heard from me, I truly apologize but depression can be a real bitch to deal with and though I saw the emails, I haven’t really had the heart to reply to those people. Hopefully, that will start to turn around once I rise up out of this and start focusing again on game development. I’ve just felt so empty since being forced to halt AMS.

To those who’ve continued their donations. I really appreciate it. You have no idea how much you’ve been helping me push through this. Hopefully with the development of the new engine your continued support will be rewarded.


PS – If you have ANY questions about anything going on with me or the game in general or you just want to chat, please feel free to send me messages. I’ll be happy to respond.

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